Under Eye Concealers

For those who are wondering what the best under eye concealers for older women are, here are a few options that you can choose from. The first apparent signs of aging in men and women alike are the formation of wrinkles.

Under Eye Concealers

These wrinkles are often found on the forehead, between the eyebrows, along the laughter lines, and under the eyes. Some people take the formations of wrinkles in stride and declare that with age come wrinkles and wisdom, but to others, this is not totally acceptable. 

We have listed the three best under the eye concealers for older women that have been recommended by older women themselves.

If you want to know which will work best for you, it isn't too difficult to try them out because most items can already be found in your makeup kit. Read on to know more about eye concealers that work best for those under eye skin patches. 

The Standard Blemish Concealer 

The first option may appear as a well-too-obvious answer, but we have to admit that nothing beats the standard blemish concealer when it comes to hiding what needs to be hidden. From pimples, scars, to naughty little wrinkles, the standard blemish concealer would work just fine. 

Choosing one shade darker than your skin color, apply the concealer on the under eyes using your fingertip in a circular motion. Continuously do this until you feel that the cream is slowly drying up. Wait for a few minutes before dusting the area with loose facial powder. You may need to touch up two to three times a day, depending on how active (or how sweaty) you are. 

Mineral Foundation and Clay Lotion 

The next best under the eye concealer for older women is an improvised concealer that can be found right inside your makeup kit: a concoction of your loose mineral foundation and clay lotion. Using this mixture has numerous advantages. One is, the mineral foundation is already tested and proven to match your skin tone. 

Therefore, it can cover your wrinkles up nicely. Next, loose mineral foundation is rich in nutrients, thus making it possible to nourish your skin while hiding those under eye wrinkles.

Lastly, the clay lotion has a soothing effect that does not feel sticky when wet by sweat. Therefore, you can easily cover up the blemishes of your under eyes while having a cool and refreshed feeling with your improvised concealer. 

Eye Shadow and Petroleum Jelly 
For Under Eye Concealers

The last alternative suggested by women as the best under eye concealer requires a bit of creativity and patience.

You will be using petroleum jelly to make your skin-tone eye shadow stick to your under eyes. Apply a very light coating of petroleum jelly under your eyes, just enough to make the area feel sticky.

Brush a small portion with the eyeshadow that matches your skin tone. Using your fingertip, slowly spread the color until it is even and looks naturally toned.

This is the best under eye concealer if you do not want to spend more on makeup and would just like to improve the way you look in the most practical way possible. 

Author: Tanna Mayer

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