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Trim Spa Diet Pills

Back in 2003 the most famous Trim Spa reviews came from Anna Nicole Smith. She became the face of Trim Spa, using it regularly. Originally Trim spa contained ephedra, but that ingredient eventually became banned in the US so the diet pills were revised to a safer mixture of ingredients. Anna Nicole Smith lost about 70 pounds in 6 months using Trim Spa, and her commercials and various appearances included rave trim spa reviews.

It is important to know, however, that this was not the only element to Anna’s weight loss. She changed her dietary intake and used a colon cleanser to help regulate weight. This implies that Trim spa works more effectively when used in combination with other lifestyle changes.

Trim Spa Diet Pill Concerns

Various trim spa reviews have very specific concerns about this product. First is the cost. Taking the manufacturer’s recommended dose over a month costs upward of $50. Secondarily, the packaging for Trim spa does not list how much of each ingredient is in each dose, making it very difficult to adequately study its effectiveness.

Among the ingredients there are also some that could prove toxic including Hoodia gordonii that can negatively impact healthy liver functions. There is also glucosamine that could increase blood glucose levels in some individuals (this would deter its benefit as a diet pill too).

A third problem are side effects. Some individuals who have tried trim spa report becoming anxious, restless, migraines and having trouble sleeping. Other reported side effects include:
- depression
- thyroid problems
- dizziness
- heart palpitations

Fourth, trim spa can interact badly with certain drugs, particularly MAOI inhibitors and is not usable by people who are allergic to shellfish. Nonetheless, the packaging does not detail possible drug interactions very adequately.

Redeeming Qualities to Trim Spa?

One of the key ingredients to trim spa is a dietary fiber that’s water soluble – namely glucomannan. Trim spa reviews state that this works effectively as a laxative and an appetite suppressant. The only caution is that persons using Trim Spa should drink plenty of water otherwise this ingredient can block digestion.

Mind you, when dieting drinking lots of water is a good thing to help purge toxins from the body. Additionally the newer Trim Spa formula has green tea extract. Green tea is a well known antioxidant that can support the immune system when a person is dieting and boost metabolism. Other herbal extracts in this blend include Tangerine peel, cayenne pepper and fennel.

Overall the trim spa reviews have not seemed very positive. People complain about a lot of hype and not a lot of substance, especially for the price.

Additionally the side effects make this diet pill less than pleasant. Having said that, diet pills act very differently on each individual. Some people have found Trim Spa very helpful to their weight loss goals.



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