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Many dentists and dental hygienists recommend electric tooth brushing systems like Sonicare.

The reason is that these systems do a much better job on our teeth than we can do with a manual toothbrush.

Sonicare Tooth
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Trident Xtra Care, Does It Work To Strengthen Teeth?

Trident Xtra Care, Does It Work To Strengthen Teeth? Trident Gum Review

We would all like to have stronger teeth and it would really be fantastic if we could achieve this goal by merely chewing some gum. Now, this just might be possible if Trident is the real deal. To be particular there is a new chewing gum on the market, produced by Trident, which is said to do wonders for the strength of your teeth if used on a daily basis – Trident Xtra Care.

Even though many people consider chewing gums to be one of the main causes of tooth cavities, Trident declares that this new type of chewing gum is really something we have never experienced before. This gum contains Recaldent, an element that has been proven in scientific studies to increase the strength of your teeth and help with the new production of tooth enamel.

Strengthening Teeth with Trident Xtra Care

Recaldent is said to enhance the replacement of phosphate and calcium, which are both very important for the strength and the health of teeth. Besides this, Recaldent also helps with filling in tiny irregularities on the surface of the teeth, where bacteria often accumulates and thus causes problems such as teeth cavities.

When we chew gum, we tend to increase the saliva flow in our mouth, which is scientifically proven to be helpful in getting rid of bacteria that causes dental problems. Trident Xtra Care Gum with Recaldent has no added sugar, which is always a good thing when it comes to chewing gum. Xylitol is used for the sweetening of the chewing gum, and each piece of gum contains no more than six calories.


Does Trident Xtra Care with Recaldent Taste Good?

There are two flavors of the Trident Xtra Care chewing gum: peppermint and cool mint. I have tasted the cool mint and I can say that it is sweet enough, without having an unusual aftertaste. Its flavor is refreshing, clean and it lasts for a long time but it also resembles the flavor of other chewing gums produced by the Trident company. Its packaging is a very practical flip-open box made out of cardboard which holds fourteen sticks of gum.

The price of the box of fourteen pieces is $1.49, which is pretty reasonable when you consider what the product claims to do.

For those who want to increase the strength of their teeth, this is the perfect product. It is a perfect way of taking in something sweet which is not bad for your teeth, and it is very affordable at only ten cents a stick. This great chewing gum can be found in many different stores, including newsagents and supermarkets, and it can be even bought as part of a multi-pack for only $3.29.

So when you next wish to chew a piece of gum, remember that you can help your teeth by strengthening them at the same time if you decide to buy the Trident Xtra Care with Recaldent.



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