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trendy hairstyles for menA man’s trendy hairstyle is going to take you one step above the business men’s haircut or a short conservative hairstyle.

It is also going to place you one step below an extreme style such as a Mohawk with foot long spikes.

A trendy style would be a fohawk and modified versions of other extreme styles. Trendy hairstyles for men are usually cut by a salon stylist rather than by a striped pole barber, although many newer barbers keep right up with style and cut.

If you want a military flat top or crew cut, the neighborhood barber remains your man. Trendy hairstyles for men will also make use of more styling products or tools than a conventional cut.

Men these days are snapping up flat irons and blow dryers as fast as their girlfriends, who normally will not share these coveted items.

When you have a trendy style cut, you will have asymmetrical lines and layers cut in that may be new for you. This is the fastest way a man can update himself, add a new pair of great fitting jeans, no matter what your age and it’s a major image makeover in a day.

Trendy styles are going to loosen you up a bit, take away a hard corporate man image, and take a few years off your face.

Do resist the temptation to turn into a full blown hair trendie, hair trendies change styles, color, and texture almost monthly, going from perms to short spikes than long waves. Change this often is a little hard to take, and leaves us not quite sure that is the guy we worked with last week.

View the styles in the gallery below and see what appeals to you, click and image to open gallery and start slide show. You will also find main pages listed at page bottom with large selections of galleries and articles for more hair inspiration.

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Main Page For Trendy Hairstyles For Men ~ Modern Hairstyles And Haircuts For Today's Men When you think of men and men's hairstyles, you may not realize that they like diversity just like women do.
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Hairstyles For Guys ~ Trendy and popular guy's hairstyles. One of the most significant areas of a man’s appearance is his hairstyle and cut. Until now, there was not a lot of inspiration for guys to choose from.
Hair Style For Guys
brad pitt short hairstyle

Men's Celebrity Hairstyles Always a good source for inspiration, check out the celebrity looks of David Beckham, Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise, Johnny Depp, Matt Damon, Leonardo DiCaprio, George Clooney, Orlando Bloom, and more....
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Men's Personal Grooming. Learn how to videos, articles, and step by step instructions help you to get the perfect shave, discover the latest men's skin care products, and be a healthier, better looking and better groomed man.
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Trendy Hairstyles For Men
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