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Trendy Boyfriend Clothes

Co-opting trendy boyfriend clothes from loved ones or husbands is no newsflash for women.

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How many times have you borrowed his T-shirt for the night, or stolen his favorite shirt because it paired so well with your work-appropriate skinny jeans?

Speaking of jeans, the whole "Hey, his clothes looks pretty cool" concept led to the apparition of boyfriend jeans, which are basically baggy jeans that resemble those worn by men and which have an addictive masculine charm to them.

On top of that, designers have introduced menswear-inspired clothing for women as well, so if you like this sort of style, here are some tips to make the boyfriend trend your own.

Trendy Boyfriend Clothes

Select a Shirt

Even if your boyfriend's shirts look quite appealing, you won't need to borrow them anymore.

Top designers like Alexander Wang and renowned brands including Seven For All Mankind, Old Navy and Gap are featuring their own versions of masculine shirts intended for women's use.

Menswear-inspired shirts are a bit slouchier, but some are still created in such a way they enhance a woman's curves.

You will be able to find crisp white shirts for whenever you feel like sporting a classic look, or you may also sport awesome button-down shirts featuring less neutral shades. How about prints?

The most popular printed menswear-inspired shirts come in the form of lumberjack-inspired pieces made of flannel.

While the red and black pattern may look incredibly suitable for a rockfish edgy look, black and purple plaids along with tan-and-pink combos make for excellent versions if you're looking for a bit more femininity.

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Updated May 8, 2012

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Proportion is Key when Choosing

If you like the comfort of wearing baggy masculine shirts, you have got to make sure the rest of your outfit lacks volume.

You can go for the bare leg look and pair your boyfriend shirt with a cool belt to accentuate your waist; this way, you'll acquire a nice casual shirtdress for whenever you don't feel like compromising on comfort.

In addition, you can also match your menswear-inspired shirt with a pair of shorts, leggings or some skinny jeans.

Add some heels with that, and the whole masculine look will suddenly get a hell of a lot sexier.