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Touch Up Sticks

Fabulous Red Hair Color
Touch up sticks are a great new way to help keep the color in your hair longer between appointments.

I have been looking for something like this for a long time and finally I found something that works between hair colorings.

There is nothing worse than spotting a gray hair but you simply do not have the time to color your own hair to cover it up or if your next coloring appointment is still weeks away.

Ladies we are now in luck, the Between Time Hair Color Touch Up Stick works perfectly. It comes in a discreet tube that you could carry right in your purse if you wanted to.

When dry, the crayon like applicator gives off no color but the minute the stick is dampened, color comes right off on your fingers or the gray hair.

Are Your Roots Showing?

So, here is what we thought of it...

  • very easy to apply
  • works quickly
  • covers and no one would ever guess that you touched up your hair
  • comes in a variety of colors to match your natural hair color
  • washes out with your next shampoo
  • cost for this product... about $7.00 US
  • last for ages and ages

This is a very handy product if you don't want
to damage your hair and you want to cover up the "growing years" often known as gray hairs.

Also available:
Roux Cover That Gray Touch-Up Color Stick Medium Claudia Stevens Temporary Haircolor Touch-Up Sticks

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Touch Up Sticks
Updated January 10, 2013
Author Tanna Mayer

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