Top Model Careers

Top model careers are for a model that has achieved the status that places them in the highest paying category of all models. Working with the top designers world wide, top models demand the highest pay. 

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Since they are in such high demand, they become a household name and frequently land magazine covers, they are the star attraction in runway shows, and eventually become associated with many brand name products. 

Top Model Celebrities

Traditionally, models were nameless and were used to represent products. Today, top models evoke feelings of luxury and glamour and are often in greater demand than celebrities.

Top models have revolutionized the marketing industry. Though celebrities are often used as spokespersons, there is no doubt that any company who secures a marketing deal with a top model is sure to have a winning product on their hands. 

Top models continue to be in high demand, for it is assured that they will sell any product they represent. Top models are more common in females than in males. However, some males are starting to climb to top model status.

Travis Fimmel

Travis Fimmel has reached top model status, and has achieved the honor of being the first male model to sign a contract for six figures with Calvin Klein.

He represented Calvin Klein for several years, before leaving modeling for an acting profession. Though a model's career is often short lived, top models can enjoy greater success.

Today Top Model Careers Go Past 40

Top Model Heidi Klum

With today's beauty treatments, plastic surgery, and cosmetic fillers many top models are revitalizing their careers from the 80's and enjoying success in modern days.

Where in the past, a top model's career would be over when she reached the age of 40, many top models are gracing magazine covers and representing products, looking the same as they did when they were in their late teens and early twenties. 

However, many top models find that they can easily transition from modeling to acting, and their top model status is used as a doorway into other ventures

It's important to realize that the percentage of models that will reach top model status is very small. Even when working with top modeling agencies, there is no guarantee that a model will become a top model. 

However, those who desire modeling careers shouldn't be deterred by the fact that they might never have top model careers they can still enjoy a lucrative modeling career.

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