Toenail Problems, Infections, And Disease Cause Foot Pain

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Sometimes, no matter how hard you try to take good care of your toenails, changes can occur and you may find you have one of these common toenail disorders. Some may be small, while others may be quite noticeable and cause you some toenail pain.

Either way, you may not understand how these changes can occur when you do everything you can to keep your nails as healthy as possible. 

Unfortunately, taking good care of your toenails may not be enough.  There are certain conditions that are out of your control that can cause your toenails to change in appearance.

Below you’ll find a listing of common toenail disorders and changes that can occur in your toenails and fingernails, as well as the various conditions that can cause each change.

Common Toenail Problems And Disorders
Brittle toenails can be caused by thyroid problems, iron deficiency, circulation problems, biotin deficiency, and impaired kidney function.

Toenails that fray or split may be the result of a deficiency in protein, Vitamin C, and/or folic acid, or occur in those who suffer from psoriasis.

Common Toenail Problems And Disorders - Thick Toenails
Anyone with circulation problems may find that their toenails thicken.
Itchy skin around the nail, as well as nails that begin to thin, can be caused by the common skin disease lichen planus.

Clubbed toenails, which curve downwards and have a bulging nail bed, can be caused by liver, lung, or heart disease, as well as oxygen deprivation.

Nails that grow upwards, which is also called spooning, can be associated with B12 or iron deficiency.

If you find that your toenails are flat, it can indicate that you have Raynaud’s disease or a B12 deficiency.

Psoriasis can cause your nails to pit.

Various serious diseases cause Beau’s lines and horizontal ridges, while vertical ridges can be the result of arthritis.

Vertical grooves can be the result of aging, iron deficiency, and kidney disorders.

Rheumatoid arthritis can cause your nails to bead.
Toenails that look like hammered brass can indicate hair loss.

If the beds of your toenails are small and short, this can indicate heart disease.
Mee’s lines can be the result of renal failure, or thallium or arsenic poisoning.

If you find that your toenails have white lines running across them, then this could indicate liver disease or heart disease, or can even show that you have recently had a high fever.

Nails that are opaque white and have a darn band can indicate cirrhosis, cancer, diabetes, aging, and congestive heart failure.  Those that are pale or white can mean anemia, kidney disease, or liver disease.

Common Toenail Disorders - Yellow Toenail
A yellowing nail bed can indicate lymphatic problems, chronic bronchitis, liver disorders, and diabetes, while copper or brown nail beds can indicate a local fungal infection or copper or arsenic poisoning.  A gray nail bed can mean that you are suffering from edema, arthritis, post-operative effects, malnutrition, cardio-pulmonary disease, and glaucoma.

If you find redness, then it may be caused by a heart condition.  However, dark nails may indicate a B12 deficiency.

Stains are quite common and don’t necessarily indicate an affliction. 

pretty healthy toenails
Things such as smoking, the use of henna, and also the use of nail polish can cause your nails to stain.

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Common Toenail Problems

What Is A Toe Nail?
Toenails.  Everyone has them!  But not everyone knows exactly what they are?   By definition, a toenail is the part of your toe that is produced by your toe’s living skin cells. The growth and parts of your toenail, nail plate, nail bed, cuticle, nail folds, lunula, and the matrix.
What Is A Toenail

Ingrown Toenails
Anyone who has gotten an ingrown toenail knows that they can literally be a pain. When one occurs, the toe becomes swollen, red, painful, and can even become infected. Believe it or not, the condition is rather common and almost always happens on one’s big toe.
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Toe Nail Care
The basic cleaning and clipping you need to do for healthy happy feet without toe nail problems.
Toe Nail Care

Toe Nail Disease
Toe Nail Disease Disorders Problems Ailments - Protect your toe nails from these diseases: Onychia, Onycholysis, Koilonychia, Subungual hematoma, Onychomycosis, and Paronychia. These are all ailments that can harm or destroy your nail bed, color, cuticle, and nail condition
Toe Nail Disease

Toe Nail Fungus
Causes, prevention, and treatment for this unpleasant fungi infection that can cause your toe nails to discolor, become thick, yellowed, or even crumble.
Toe Nail Fungus

Toe Nail Fungus Natural Remedies And Cures
Simple at home treatments for toenail fungus using vinegar, olive oil and oregano essential oil, bleach,Listerine, and Tea tree oil
Toe Nail Fungus Natural Remedies And Cures

Thick Toe Nails
Although you may not realize it, there are actually many different ailments that can affect both the health and the appearance of your toenails.  One of the most common ailments that can occur is the thickening of your toenail. This is how to trim and care for those thickened toe nails.
Thick Toe Nails

Yellow Toe Nails
Thick yellow toe nails do not make for pretty feet. Cause of yellowing toenails can be by lymphedema, diabetes mellitus, fungi infection, or colored nail polish, here are treatments for thick yellow toenails
Yellow Toe Nails

About Your Shoes And Toes
Find A Shoe That Fits
Avoid toe problems and toe pain by choosing shoes that fit. The health of your toenails is not only important to the health of your feet, but also to your overall well-being. 
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Artificial Toenails
Anyone can have pretty toenails for spring and summer shoes and sandals by using the new fake nail kits for home use or by having the artificial nails applied at a salon with your pedicure.
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Toenail Problems

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