Toe Nail Disease

healthy toenailsMuch like any other part of your body, your toe nails need special care. If not properly cared for, certain ailments and some form of nail disease can occur

Believe it or not, there are actually quite a few diseases that can affect your toe nails that you may not know. And, even those that you may already aware of are often referred to in the medical world by names that are unfamiliar to you.

Please read on to learn more about the toe nail diseases that can affect your nail's health.

Toe Nail Disease — Onychia
Onychia is a disease that occurs when microscopic pathogens enter your toe through small cuts.  This disease causes the tissue that surrounds your toenail to become inflamed, pus to build up, and, in some cases, can even cause your nail to fall off. 

The name Onychocryptosis is the long, and hard to pronounce term that is more commonly known as ingrown toenails.  When this ailment occurs, the toenail cuts into the side of your toe’s nail bed, causing the toe to become inflamed or even infected.  This ailment often occurs when your nail is not cut straight across or if you wear shoes that fit too tightly, causing pressure on your toe.

If this ailment is minor, meaning there is no infection, an easy treatment is simply trimming the nail way from the skin.  However, if the case is advanced, you may need to have a surgical procedure performed in order to remove the offending part of the toenail.

Onychogryposis, which is also referred to as “ram’s horn nail,” caused your toenail to curve and thicken, and is often caused when the matrix is injured.  This condition can also be partly hereditary or also the result of continuing neglect. 

In most cases, this condition is found on the big toe, however other toe nails, as well as fingernails, can be afflicted.  Signs to look for with this condition are ridges and grooves that occur on the nail, if one side of the nail grows faster than the other, and if the nail becomes a brownish color.

When a nail becomes deformed, it is often referred to as Onychodystrophy.  This ailment is the result of chemotherapy, including 5-flourouracil, bleomycin, or hydroxyurea.  This ailment may also include dyschromia, or nail discoloration.

Onychomadesis causes your nail to not only separate, but to also fall off.  Matrix injury, severe systemic illness, or localized infection can cause this to occur, as well as being a side effect of x-ray treatments or chemotherapy for cancer. 

Toe Nail Disease — Onycholysis
Onycholysis causes your toenail to loosen from its nail bed.  Trauma, internal disorders, nail fungi, infection, side effects from various drugs, and even allergies to nail products can cause this condition.

Onychoptosis causes part or all of the toe nail to periodically shed.  Various ailments, such as trauma, fever, a bad reaction to a certain drug, systemic upsets, and even syphilis can cause this to occur.

Toe Nail Disease —Koilonychia
Koilonychia causes the toe nail to curve upwards, and is caused by an iron deficiency.  With this, also look for straight, spoon-shaped, or brittle nails.

Toe Nail Disease — Subungual hematoma
A Subungual hematoma, which is caused by trauma to the nail, caused blood to collect underneat the toe nail, while Subungual Hematoma Onychophosis causes a horny epithelium growth on the nail.

Toe Nail Disease — Onychomycosis
The fungal organisms known for causing ringworm can also cause a contagious toe nail infection called Onychomycosis.  Symptoms are chalkiness, thickening, crumbling, and discoloration.  Oral medications work well to combat this condition. 

n addition, home treatments, such as vinegar, tea tree oil, and Vicks VapoRub can also help to cure this condition.

Toe Nail Disease — Paronychia
Lastly, Paronychia is a fancy name for a fungal or bacterial infection that occurs where the nail meets the skin.

If you find that your toe nails have become afflicted with a disease, don’t worry.  Many are easily treatable as long as you know what signs to look for, as well as what types of treatment are available.

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Toe Nail Diseas

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Toe Nail Diseas

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