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healthy coupleWeight loss. The real richness in life, more than money and property, is living a healthy life. Self help motivation source has some help for you with the never ending battle with our weight.

Unlike material things that come and go, our health is something that we can invest in while we are still young and use until we grow old.

So we should take good care of it and never take it for granted.

Our weight is one basis of measuring if we are healthy or not – whether we belong to the category underweight, normal, overweight, or obese.

There are two ways of knowing where we belong: through the common height-weight relationship and through our body mass index bmi calculator. Either way, one has to know if he is healthy or not in order to make certain adjustments, or worse, treatments.

Obesity, defines as being 20 percent or more above one’s desirable weight range, is a serious illness that should not be left untreated.

According to studies, obesity may be caused by genetic factors, i.e. if any of the family members, especially the parents, suffers from such sickness, the children will most likely inherit it from them, or simply improper eating habits and/or lifestyle.

Effects of obesity include both psychological and biological aspects like heart diseases, cancer, diabetes, and much more. So if obesity can’t be terminated immediately, who knows what could happen next?

Luckily, it’s not yet too late. Obesity, indeed, can be be cured…and even prevented. All it takes is a “proper” way of dealing with it, plus patience, determination, and will.

And before you know it, your weight might have decreased by 20 pounds or your waistline have been trimmed down by 10 inches. Isn’t that cool? Not to mention, healthy!

The proper way? The proper way is actually just your everyday living and habits only done properly. First, you have got to have a proper plan. This includes setting a goal of what you want to happen and accomplish in a certain period of time.

It should be definite and realistic. Strategies in an organized manner is a part of the plan. Time and duration of activities to be done throughout the day or week should be taken note of and remembered.

Positive thinking and right attitude towards weight loss are also important in making plans work

Believing in something to happen triggers the body to do things that could make your hopes and dreams come true. Thus, although plans are still on the mind and not yet turning into reality, they are a good help in starting to make things happen.

Eating is the habit most associated with body weight and obesity. Everyone eats…but not everyone does it properly.

Proper diet should contain all food nutrients such as carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, and minerals, making your meal healthy and nutritious. In contrast to what most people believe, all fats are not bad for our body.

In fact, there are good ones, the unsaturated fats in which their intake should not be limited. The unhealthy fats are those that belong to the saturated group of fats.

Since obesity is related to heavier weight and excess body fats, weight loss with regards to food intake involves either one of the two ways: eating low-fat foods, or consuming fat-burner foods.

The former diet is about substituting low-fat foods with those with high fat contents, while the latter refers to simply eating foods that burn excess fats in the body. Any of the said diets will surely help you lose weight and get rid of those stubborn body fats.

Tip Weight Loss ~ Loosing weight is not dependent on the right diet alone

To speed it up and burn more calories faster, one should engage in proper exercises and these include deep breathing, walking, aerobic exercises, cardiovascular exercises, and weight training

Also, there are exercise machines and tools that can help lose weight such as treadmill, exercise bikes, steppers, and many more.

Lastly, you should also check and watch your lifestyle. Proper lifestyle, although composed of simple and little everyday things, will really have an affect in reducing weight.

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