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Tina Turners Style

Tina Turners style? Extraordinary, outrageous hair, check. Show stopping swag, check. Exquisite ensembles, check. Legendary legs, check.

Tina Turner's Fashion Style

One of the biggest and grandest dames who have ever graced this green earth is none other than the mega superstar, Ms. Tina Turner.

She is not only one of the greatest voices ever but one of the biggest fashion icons ever. This dame is in a category and class of her own with her unique style that has managed to cover every genre from gospel to R&B to soul to punk and to rock.

She has changed with the times with a flexibility that is rarely seen, yet she always remains uniquely Tina.

Young Tina

Tina Turners style in the 1960s showed a distinctively more demure, churchgoing Tina. The hair was dark and sleek. She often wore bangs, blunt cut or for an edgier look, side swept.

Tina's hair was more than likely to be straight and shoulder length, nothing too long or flashy. This young Tina was exceptionally more covered up than how she would appear in subsequent years.

Turtlenecks, sweaters and collars made up a large part of her wardrobe. Nothing too sexy or seductive in those times as she was just entering the business and trying to find her foothold. Tina would soon show everybody that there were much bigger things in store for her.

Not only were her hair and clothing toned down but her makeup was as well. Tina seemed to be barefaced most of the time which gave her a fresh and innocent look which was what her image was supposed to convey at the time.

Her color palette was natural consisting of browns, beiges and creams. There would be no bold, bright colors for this diva at the moment. She would more than make up for it with future endeavors.

Transitioning Tina

As she bulldozed forward and her music took on an edgier tone, so did Tina Turners style. . The turtlenecks and sweaters were gone with the wind. As her dancing, body language and music got sexier, so did the clothing.

Short skirts began to get added to the repertoire. There was only so much time that she could cover the legs that would inspire a generation and generations to come.

Her skirts at this point were just short enough to show off her shapely gams but not so short as to be too patently sexy. The sex appeal was beginning to simmer but it would soon be boiling out of the pot.

Tina's makeup was becoming bolder as well. Long, fluttery eyelashes were added to give her a more smoldering, worldly look. She looked edgier, feistier. There seemed to be a mystery in those eyes and once she was free to let it go, there would be no stopping her.

Tina Post Ike

After her tumultuous marriage and partnership with Ike ended in the late 1970s, Tina Turners style became all Tina Turner.

At this point, she decided to show the world what she was all about and who she had become. And the world would love and revere her for it.

Flash, flamboyance and fierceness was what this Tina Turner was all about. She embraced every inch of her body and so did her audience. Her toned and muscular arms were always on display with spaghetti straps, tank tops and tube tops.

Little, backless dresses flaunted her slim and lean back. And when it came to the legs? They would never be covered again; the hems on her outfits continued to get higher and higher throughout the years.

Miniskirts, mini dresses, calf length pants accentuated her greatest and most famous assets. Thigh high slits on both sides of her dress seemed to be one of her fashion tricks.

Tina Turners style was daring, edgy, fun and sexy all at once. Not only was her rock hard body put out there, but it was done in style and with uniqueness.

Tina was one to show up in glittery, sequined ensembles. Silver and gold lamè bodysuits adorned the famous body. Shingles swam off the bottom of her body hugging dresses.

Tina Turners Hair And Makeup

Just as famous as her legs is Ms. Tina Turner's hair. Around this time, she was still transitioning; it wasn't her signature look yet. It had gotten lighter, a honey blonde sort of hue.

It was cut into an edgy shag that highlighted her cheekbones. The look wasn't the look of a typical R&B diva but that of a rock superstar which Tina was becoming. She wasn't one to be put into a box; she was the box.

Her makeup had to keep up with her new hairstyle and way of dressing. Bold, red lipstick was added to the mix which gave Tina a sultry, very sexy look.

The lips were luscious and the eyes were bright and inviting when she used beautiful shimmery colors of gold, deep kohl eyeliner and lengthy lashes. No part of Tina from head to toe was ordinary.

The Real Thing

By the time "What's Love Got to do With It" premiered, Tina was in her zone. Tina Turners style became a look that was often imitated but never duplicated. She was uniquely original, uniquely fierce, uniquely Tina.

Her hair was her crowning glory with its height, depth and robust air about it. It was a sky high mass of locks that weren't quite curled yet weren't quite straight.

Each lock had its own special place, its own angle on its diva's head. It was a mix of gold and blonde and brown that meshed together perfectly. It was a lioness, strong and proud showing the world the adversity she had overcome.

Tina Turners style was strength and power and beauty all rolled into one. Not many women could carry off this look but Tina not only carried it but owned it like it was nobody's business.

The Fashion Role Model

Miss Tina Turner is proudly in her 70s now but is still rolling, rolling, rolling on. She hasn't let up when it comes to her style and fabulosity.

One of the biggest divas of our day, Beyonce, credits this trendsetter and fashion icon for influencing her. Tina never compromised when it came to her fashion style choices no matter what other people thought or said.

Miss Tina Turner is a prime example of the success you can achieve and the adversity you can overcome when you decide to follow behind no one and to love and embrace your own set of talents and uniqueness.
Be inspired by Tina Turners Style.

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Tina Turners Style
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July 11, 2012

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