Thinny Thin Chin

Can Thinny Thin Chin compete with plastic surgery? Have you ever seen those plastic surgery nightmare photos of women who have botoxed and lifted over and over again, but somehow seem to have forgotten all about their neck area?

Most every woman knows to take care of the skin on her face, but how many gals do you know with a skin care regime for her neck and decollete?

mature firm chin area

A Thinner Looking Chin Area

I've got news for you – the skin on your neck right on down to your shoulders –known as the "V zone" - is just as prone to aging and warrants just as much care and attention as your face. Thankfully, there are products specifically designed to keep your bust, shoulders, and neck looking firm, toned, and supple, banishing crepiness and hyper pigmentation and keeping you young looking and fresh faced from head to toe – or at least head to shoulders.

Known for excellent skincare and fabulous problem solving products, the legendary Bliss spa treatments have been all the rage in New York and London for years. Lucky for those of us out in the rest of the world, their product line has been made widely available via internet beauty stores.

Thinny Thin Chin (gotta love the cutesy pie name!) is Bliss's fabulous neck-centric treatment and moisturizer and it is chockfull of goodies like hydrate, brighten, and tighten the oft neglected neck and décolleté area, and has already built up quite a following with celebrities like Lily Allen, and Ford model Leanne Kelley, our very own demo girl.

With regular usage, your neck, chin, and jaw (the dreaded "jowly" area) will smooth and lift, giving a firmer appearance and minimizing any hint of turkey wattle or double chin. It's even been called a liquid bra, or a mini face lift.

For added slimming on camera or off, try adding a bit of liquid or powder bronzer to the cream and smooth all over your neck up to your chin. Another slenderizing trick is to use bronzer or a powder about two shades darker than your complexion and sweep a bit just along your jaw line with an angled powder or blush brush, and continue on down the neck.

This same contouring technique can be used on the cheekbones, nose, and temples to chisel your face and play up your features. Apply a bit of a lighter or highlighting powder just above the jaw line to further enhance bone structure.

Caring for every inch of the skin on your body will ensure that you maintain a fresh and youthful appearance – and keep people guessing about your age for years to come. And you simply can't ask for a better endorsement than from a fashion model that has been exposed to the best beauty buys out there, Try and enjoy, thinny thin chin!

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Author: Tanna Mayer
Updated: March 19, 2015

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