The Spring Bath, Renew Yourself

vintage-lily-of-the-valleyMany women find that spring beckons to them with its many appeals to your variety of scenes. Spring is widely seen as a season of new growth. It is a time to bid farewell to the dark days of winter and embrace the warmth to come.

As far back as Victorian times, women have used resources from the earth brought about by the spring to enhance the beauty rituals. In that long ago era, ladies would gather rain water as it increased the silky texture of their locks.

Spring is the season for noticing a bounce in your step. Fill your life with gentle, thoughts of self acceptance. Enfold yourself in the aroma of blooming flowers and consider dining out of doors on your most favorite bounty.

Love Spring for what it is and all that it has to offer. Each season has an essence all of its own and spring is no exception. Ask yourself what spring has to offer you and your beauty regimen.

Your bathroom as you well know is where the most private acts occur. By that token, even slight variations in your decorative scheme can have an incredible impact. Referring again back to the Victorian era; those ladies were very adept at incorporating flowers inside of their home.

This came with the belief that bringing the outdoors in, especially in spring not only gave the bathroom a pretty look but also made you feel beautiful as well.

Flowers do not always have to be large to make a lovely statement. In fact, petite bouquets of spring blossoms placed against the backdrop of the harsher elements of bathroom fixtures can create an astounding contrast.

Even one single blossom when it is the right one is all that it takes to bring new life to your bathroom forming the private oasis of your dreams.

When you enfold spring, you are drawing the very center of nature towards you. Spring and romance go hand in hand like a leaf blowing gently in a warm breeze.

Feeling good in nature is a sure way to form an inner beauty that will shine outward. Green is a signature color of spring as it is the start of much new life. The family of green scents includes the fragrances of juniper, hyacinth, and rosemary which are all fresh, tangy, mind opening aromas.

For as long as people have roamed the earth, various herbs and plants have been utilized to feed and maintain the human body. Many cosmetic treatments use the essence of distilled plants and herbs as their main component.

Cornflower for example is used in toners and astringents: eucalyptus in soaps, lotions, and fragrances: eyebright in eye lotions, honeysuckles in soaps: horsetails in shampoo: sage in skin purifiers: and St. John’s Wort in treatments for sun-damaged skin.

Spring is a time for bath linens that are softer on the skin and cotton rugs that feel gentle on our feet. Bring out your favorite spring pieces of art, floral prints or wreaths created of fresh flowers and allow them to dry in the air while they decorate your room.

Tiny touches can have a large impact. If you are feeling bold, you can opt to paint an old vanity with a delightful spring shade such as green-apple.

View your bathroom as a place not to just become clean but rather to bring spring and its benefits yet one step closer to yourself. As you soak in your bath with delicious aromas enveloping you, turn inwards and reflect on who and how wonderful you are.
Enjoy, The Spring Bath



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The Spring Bath

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