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The Perfect Arms

Do you want the perfect arms? As we get older, one of the first places our age starts to show is surprisingly, in our arms. Apart from the usual culprits like chicken wings, we also tend to dry out in this area because of prolonged sun exposure.

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Time To Show Your Arms

Having sexy-looking arms can be a great way to make a first impression, minimize aging and feel more confident in our bodies. Here are 3 great tips and tricks to give you sexy looking arms in next to no time.

1. Get Your Arms Toned

There are a number of exercises that one can do to get great-looking toned arms. If you are worried about the fat that sometimes shows up behind the arm, never fear. First try ladies pushups. These can be a bit intense if you've never worked out before but they are much better than conventional pushups.

Basically, you will have to lie belly-down on the floor. Use your arms to push your upper body off the ground. Remember, these are different to normal pushups so there is no need to use your feet and lower body. You are targeting your upper body and expending less energy so that you won't get exhausted and de-motivated.

angelina jolie toned armsAnother fun exercise is to take flexible pulleys and wrap them around a solid pole or bar in your house, then pull back on the ends like you are rowing.

This will provide enough resistance to help you target the back area of the arm and tone up fast. You needn't do this for more than 20 minutes a day.

Free weights are also good for strengthening the arm in general. You can buy them from your local sports shop and lift them towards you or spin them around in circles at your sides. Just be sure to stand upright as this can affect your back.

2. Protect Your Arms

One of the reasons that arms look so dry and often flaky is because they are normally exposed to the sun more than other parts of our body. Use a gentle exfoliator and body lotion nightly. Also, apply sunscreen to your arms regularly. In fact, ironically enough, you can even mix spray tan in with your sunscreen to give it that illusive glow without compromising on your health and beauty.

3. Hairy Arms?

Some women tend to have very hairy arms. Sometimes this is due to moles or beauty spots partially or just a genetic trait that they've been "lucky" enough to inherit from their parents, either way, it can be easily taken care of. You don't need to wax your arms in order to make them look less hairy.

There are a number of good alternatives. You can bleach the hair on your arms which is fairly inexpensive and makes a big difference. The blonder your arm-hairs are, the less noticeable they become. Do take the time to pluck unwanted strays as well. If you don't want to bleach, you can always have your arms waxed, although in most cases, this is not necessary.

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Published October 4, 2011

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