Grow The Movember Moustache For Prostrate Cancer Awarness

When November comes it's time to grow the Movember Moustache for men's health awareness month.

You may have seen on social networks or in the news, a lot of people talking about or planning to participate in "Movember" by growing the Movember moustache.

Whilst 2011 is not the first year the 11th month has turned from November into Movember, some people are still in the dark as to what it's all about.

Here we take a look at the history of the Movember phenomenon, and how it is helping raise money and awareness for prostate cancer charities all over the world.

Where it all Began

mowvember mens health awareness month

Though some other groups have tried to lay claim to the honour of having invented the concept, the idea is attributed to a group of men from Adelaide, Australia.

These men came up with the idea of growing moustaches for charity back in 1999, supposedly in a pub, and spread word of it to their friends.

The idea grew in popularity locally, until in 2004 the Movember Foundation was officially formed. Initially, the charity operated in Australia and New Zealand, and the Movember moustache is now something of a long standing tradition down under.

However in 2007 it made its way to the Republic of Ireland and has since spread to many other countries, including the USA, UK, Canada, Spain, Israel, Greece and South Africa.

mowvember mustache

Depending where you live, grow a Mustachio, Mustache, or Moustache when November turns to Movember

How does it work?

The purpose of the Movember moustache is to give men a way to visibly support prostate cancer charities, helping to raise awareness about the importance of screening and giving people an opportunity to discuss and learn about one of the least talked about, but most common forms of cancer.

Most countries who now officially participate in Movember have a beneficiary charity, such as for example the Prostate Cancer Foundation in America and the Prostate Cancer Charity in the UK, to whom any proceeds from men getting sponsored for growing the moustache or any other associated fundraising activities can be donated.

How can you join in?

For men, the rules are quite simple, and though officially one is supposed to be clean shaven on the 31st of October and then begin growing a moustache on the 1st of November, if this is the first you've heard about it nobody is likely to mind a slightly late start.

The Movember moustache has to be a true moustache, so you can't grow facial hair anywhere else but on the top lip.

Men who usually sport a full beard are permitted to just shave off everything but the moustache to take part, rather than having to grow their "mo" from scratch.

How Women Can Take Part

For women of course, it isn't so easy, even if a lady can grow a moustache, she is unlikely to want to, even if it is for a very good cause.

Women can still get involved though by talking about Movember and spreading the word using things like Twitter and Facebook, as well as by supporting the men in their lives who are growing the Movember moustache.

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Author: Tanna Mayer
Published: April 1, 2015

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