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Has The Brazilian Blowout Bombed?

The Brazilian Blowout is the hot new thing to straightening hair and fighting frizz, but the big question remains -- the brazillian blowout is it safe?

Health Canada doesn’t think so and neither does OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration). People have been having allergic reactions to the solution -- some rashes, headaches and hair loss have been cropping up.

This make a concerned consumer wonder, just what is in this stuff? In a recent CTV report, reporter Janet Dirks interviewed one salon owner, Tony Winget, who actually cancelled all the appointments he had on the books for this treatment, because of the possibility that Brazilian Blowout may contain Formaldehyde.

What exactly is Formaldehyde? Well, among other applications, it is found in high concentrations in embalming fluid, but it is also found in a lot of harmless things too. Formaldehyde is organic, and has industrial uses and well as uses as a disinfectant and fixative. It’s used in things like color photography as the last step in fixing the picture to the paper. It is also used in things like nail polish, mouth washes and deodorants.

The Formaldehyde

Now for the scary news… Formaldehyde is also a known carcinogen. Repeated exposure to high levels of this compound can cause respitory issues, rashes, and headaches. These are the very same common complaints with women having the Brazilian Blowout hair straightening and their stylists that are working with the product.

Some people try protecting themself by wearing a mask and making sure that the salon is very well ventilated. This certainly is a wise protocol for those choosing to use this product. Of course having a patch test done, to make sure that you are not allergic is always a good idea too.

The Brazilian Blowout website claims that there is no Formaldehyde in its product. In fact, it quotes scientist, Doug Schoon, as saying that what OSHA detected was not Formaldehyde at all, but instead was something called Methylene Glycol.

The quote from the Brazilian Blowout website and Mr. Schoon is:
“It is important to understand that Formaldehyde is not a cosmetic ingredient and never has been; it is a gas that cannot be added to cosmetics, and only exists in tiny trace amounts.

Misunderstanding the nature of Formaldehyde has led to the incorrect belief that 37% Methylene Glycol is the same as 37% Formaldehyde, when in fact, 37% Methylene Glycol contains only trace amounts of Formaldehyde; less than 0.05% to be precise.

Flaws in the testing methods used by Oregon’s division of OSHA actually cause the creation of additional Formaldehyde that is not normally found in the product, which led to Oregon OSHA erroneously reporting levels of Formaldehyde that cannot possibly exist in the product, especially given that Formaldehyde is a gas. Once again, what OSHA is actually reporting, is the amount of Methylene Glycol in the product, not Formaldehyde.

The only method that accurately measures Formaldehyde in water based cosmetic products is called "13C-NMR," and OSHA did not conduct this particular type of testing. Had OSHA performed this test, they would have discovered that only tiny traces of Formaldehyde are detectable in these products, usually well below 0.0045%.”

What Brazilian Blowout is also claiming is that they didn’t provide OSHA with the sample tested, that is was provided by a salon that is no longer an authorized distributor of their product.

That being said, there may be some flaws to what Mr. Schoon and Brazilian Blowout are saying. Beginning with the fact that formaldehyde is not a gas. However, once it is heated, of course it becomes a gas. In Oregon, OSHA tested the air quality and samples of the product and found that it contained up to ten percent formaldehyde.

Safe levels of formaldehyde in personal hygiene products are .02%, which is a huge difference. Brazilian Blowout contests these results, saying that formaldehyde is not the same as Methylene glycol, which in fact it is, according to OSHA. OSHA also says:
“The levels found were also higher than exposure limits recommended by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health and the American Conference of Government Industrial Hygienists.”

The real key here is to know what you are getting into. Read the labels. Make sure you know what’s going on. Get educated. An informed consumer is a powerful force. Share your opinions and insights here.

NOTE: The Brazilian Blowout Is It Safe ~ This website accepts no responsibility for the opinions posted here. This article is intended for informational purposes only and reflects no particular outlook on the products or reports presented.


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