Temovate For Alopecia Areata

If you've been diagnosed with alopecia areata, the first thing you might do especially if your hair loss is in a conspicuous place is to hurry the search for an alopecia areata solution, something that might alleviate your symptoms.

Temovate For Alopecia Areata is one such option, but before going down that road educate yourself on Alopecia and your options.

There is no cure for alopecia areata, and it is not medically dangerous.

You can suffer emotionally from your hair loss, though, so if you and your doctor are concerned about alleviating your alopecia symptoms, you can explore the different treatments for alopecia available.

Alopecia areata is an autoimmune condition that suppresses the growth of your hair in a certain area. This condition often appears without an identifiable external cause, and can just as mysteriously vanish without a trace of your ever having suffered hair loss.

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There are no FDA-approved treatments for alopecia areata currently available. There is no therapy that effectively suppresses the messages from your immune system that tell your hair follicles not to grow. But many doctors and dermatologists are willing to try treatments approved for related skin conditions.

Topical Clobetasol scalp solution is one of those treatment options. Temovate and Cormax are the brand names of this corticosteroid medication that you might be more familiar with.

Temovate For Alopecia Areata is a cream that you apply to your affected areas of hair loss two times a day. The medication encourages your hair to grow. Many dermatologists have found that mild cases of alopecia areata can be treated with Temovate.

However, since the treatments do not stop your immune system from sending suppression messages to your hair follicles, you must continually use the treatment. If you stop the treatments and the alopecia areata is still actively sending suppression messages, your hair will fall out again.

Corticosteroid Treatments

Corticosteroid treatments can be safely used by many people, but there are some side effects. You might suffer some skin thinning, acne, or excessive hair growth. If you use Temovate for a long period of time, or over a large area of skin, you could risk experiencing headaches, swelling of the hands or feet, and vision problems.

Long-term topical cream use can result in the corticosteroids from the cream entering your blood stream, causing your body to have an excessive amount of corticosteroids. If you are already taking cortical steroids via injection or pill, using the cream in conjunction with this is not recommended.

Temovate For Alopecia Areata Side Effects

In very rare cases, you might experience a severe allergic reaction to Temovate that includes a rash, severe itching or swelling, and difficulty breathing. Contact your doctor immediately! More severe cases of alopecia areata are less likely to see successful treatment from the use of Temovate. Some doctors will prescribe corticosteroid injections for more severe cases.

As with all medications, use Temovase for alopecia areata or Cormax under a doctor's supervision. Pay attention to your reactions and your symptoms.

Follow your doctor's dosage directions, and stop immediately if you experience any reactions. Alopecia areata is a mysterious disease, but it is not medically harmful to you. Discuss your treatment options with your doctor, and keep up to date on the latest news about temovate for alopecia areata from the National Alopecia Areata Foundation.