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Obtaining a Teeth Whitening Tray

Some commercial teeth whitening systems include a tray, but this may or may not work with the shape of your jaw and teeth.

For best results, see your dentist and have them fashion a tray for your use.

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Teeth Whitening Trays
November 22, 2009

Teeth Whitening Trays

Popular Home Whitening Kits

Teeth whitening trays are one part of several types of home whitening kits. The teeth whitening tray holds the key component (such as a bleaching gel), then gets inserted over your natural teeth.

The advantage to using a whitening tray is that you never have to taste the whitening compound, and your saliva won’t wash it away before it can work properly.

Tooth Whitening Facts:

Before you buy a tooth whitening system or tray there are some limits to what home kits can do. For example, if you have crowns, bridges, caps or bonding a whitener cannot change the colors of those teeth.

So if your artificial pieces were made in a color to match already stained teeth, you may be looking at some expensive replacements. Note that teeth whitening products are not recommended for people with sensitive teeth as they tend to increase that sensitivity.

Additionally pregnant women and nursing mothers should not use whitening products.

If you do buy a teeth whitening tray to use in applying commercial gels, you can refrigerate the product to improve its longevity. Remember to read the directions carefully and only use products as the manufacturer recommends (or your dentist).

Using a Tooth Whitening Tray

Before applying any whitening treatment your teeth should be flossed and brushed. Dentists recommend brushing your teeth for about two minutes including taking special care along the gum line and the back and sides of your teeth.

Next you’ll want to make sure the whitening tray is both clean and dry. If it is, then put the allotted amount of product into the tray, evenly distributed. If you’re using a bleaching gel, for example, a small amount goes into the front of each spot on the tray. Some products recommend only focusing on your front teeth for this treatment. They’re the ones people see when you smile, and this will also use less product (making it more cost effective).

Now its time to put the teeth whitening tray into your mouth. Simply press it into place. Clean off any gel that may leak out. The amount of time the tray remains in place depends on the product. With high percentage peroxide gels (over 20%) you only need 30 to 60 minutes. Lower strengths, which are good for more sensitive teeth, will need to be worn for an average of 3 hours.

Finishing Up: After waiting the appropriate amount of time, gently pull the tray out and give your teeth a good rinsing. Brush and floss again. If you find your teeth are sensitive afterward, apply some desensitizing gel for relief.

Wash your teeth whitening tray in cold water and store it in a dry, cool place. Note that most people see results after using the teeth whitening tray and associated products once a day for three weeks. Some products obtain faster results because of higher peroxide percentages.




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