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They say a smile acts like a letter of introduction, but what if your smile is less than perfect? That’s where a teeth whitening pen might prove to be a great solution. Teeth whitening kits are far less expensive than in-office treatments offered by dentists (often running upward of $400). The kits also work quite effectively, so you can get professional results at home or on the road!

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What about Homemade Solutions:

There are some things you can do at home to try to whiten your teeth. For example, some foods like strawberries in mashed form can whiten teeth. Orange peel rubbed on the teeth or bay leaves brushed on the teeth may also help. A few other house hold items you can try include lemon juice with salt, and baking soda. Note, however, that these home style efforts will not produce the kinds of results that you’ll get from a teeth whitening pen.

How Stains Develop:

If you have yellowed teeth or stain spots, you may find yourself constantly hiding your smile. It’s embarrassing and awkward. You’re not alone. As we get older our teeth can become stained by many things like tea and coffee, and even some of the foods we eat. It seems no matter what toothpaste you buy, or how often you brush, the stains never get better. That’s where a teeth whitening pen like Idol White comes to the rescue.

Teeth whitening pens, like Idol White, not only reduce stains, but they also polish your teeth and freshen your breath. Over time, you’ll see remarkable results – a bright, shiny smile that you’ll never be embarrassed by again. You won’t have to step one foot inside a dentist’s office.

Instead, with Idol White you can stay in the privacy and comfort of your own home. Better still, it only takes thirty seconds twice a day to achieve results. Many users report their teeth got up to 8 shades lighter in about two weeks.

The Process:

The Idol White teeth whitening pen is not a complex process that requires footnoted instructions. You begin by brushing and flossing your teeth as you would normally. Twist open the teeth whitening pen and dab on the gel. Wait thirty seconds and then rinse your teeth. That’s it! No fuss, no muss.

Safety & Satisfaction

The makers of Idol White have done a lot of research to make sure that their products are completely safe. The gel will not burn or irritate the sensitive tissue of your mouth like some teeth-whitening kits do. Since you only have to have the one tube, it’s also tidy for carrying on the road with you.

It’s understandable if you’re a little skeptical considering how many companies make these kinds of claims for “beautiful, shiny teeth.” In this case, however, there’s no risk. The company offers a 90 day money back guarantee so long as the product has not been opened. The process for getting a refund is fully disclosed on the product’s web site

NOTE: teeth whitening products only work on natural teeth. They do nothing for crowns, dentures, etc. About the Company The company who produces Idol White teeth whitening pen is a member of the Natural Products association.

They are dedicated to high quality beauty and health products that combine sound nutritional science with excellent ingredients. If you would like to learn more about Idol White or get a free trial supply of this fantastic teeth whitening pen, you can go to their web site, what are you waiting for?
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A simple whitening can boost your confidence and allow you to smile. You will have to cut those habits of covering your mouth, though. Show those bright, white teeth!
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Teeth Whitening Pen


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