Teeth Whitening Comparison

Teeth Whitening Comparison

Stained or yellowed teeth are very socially awkward and embarrassing. Until recently the only way to resolve the problem was to go to the dentist and spend a significant amount to have your teeth professionally whitened. Now, however, there are other options.

A Teeth whitening comparison shows that there are several over-the-counter products that use the same basic ingredients that the dentist does (and which get similar results). This means you can get whiter, brighter teeth in the comfort and privacy of your own home.

Let’s look more closely at your options and compare teeth whitening.

1. Professional Teeth Whitening.

After trying to sort through 101 teeth whitening products to figure out what to use, some people just decide that it’s easier to let the dentist do the work. For individuals with sensitive teeth or who have gum problems, this is also the safest approach.

Even at the dentist’s office there are options. One option for whitening is chemical, and that costs about $500. A second option is laser whitening, costing around $1,000.00. You will have to check with your insurance company to see if whitening is covered by your Plan.

Many companies consider this procedure cosmetic (not necessary) and therefore do not cover it. However, by going to a dentist you know that the results will be professional. You don’t run the risk of using a product the wrong way and harming your teeth.

2. Prescription Home-Bleaching Kits:

Second in our teeth whitening comparison is the home bleaching kit. If the cost of the in-office whitening was simply to much for your budget, this is a little more affordable costing around $300.00. In this case your dentist will customize the kit’s prescription so that it suits the severity of staining in your mouth.

3. Home Whitening Products:

Ok this is where things get interesting. There are numerous home whitening products from which to choose that certainly save money. Almost all these kits contain one key component: Carbamide Peroxide or Hydrogen Peroxide. The best products should have at least 15% of this component to have any type of effect on your teeth. That’s enough concentration to do the job, but not so much that you might burn your gums.

Now, there are still plenty of products that meet this basic guideline including:

- Gels:

Gels run about $15.00. If you don’t have a tooth whitening tray in which to put the gel, they come in contact with your tongue and your saliva can wash it away before it does much good. Gels are usually intended to work over 2 weeks time before seeing results, so they may be lower in their peroxide concentration. Note that there are some gels on the market now that are “quick time” result products

- Whitening strips:

these don’t have the nasty taste of gels and they’re neater. Cost wise you’re looking at about $35.00. Time frame to see results is 1-2 weeks.

- Wand:

Meant to have instantaneous effect and costs about $15.00. Portability is a plus here.

- Whitening systems:

These usually have more than one ingredient that you have to mix together and apply. Cost: $15-$30.00 on average. Fairly easy to apply. Results seen in 1-2 weeks.

Note that there are risks to teeth whitening at home. Don’t over do it! Use the product as the manufacturer recommends and if your gums ever begin to get sensitive, stop using the product immediately.
It’s also important to have realistic expectations when you use any whitening product.

No matter the brand, a whitener cannot make your teeth lighter than their normal, original coloring. Whitener will not work on any veneers or bonded teeth.

Compare Teeth Whitening

Any teeth whitening comparison will show that some home whitening products do, indeed, live up to their claims. Others do not, usually because the percentage of peroxide in the product is too low to have any effect. If you’re intending to try a home whitening kit, consult consumer reviews to see what kind of feedback people are giving those products. Also consider how long it will take to get results, and the cost factors involved, and the tips in this teeth whitening comparison before you buy.


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