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Teeth Acid Wear, Causes And Protection

Teeth Acid Wear, Causes and Protection

Acid PH Weakens Tooth Surface Although you might brush your teeth and floss regularly with the result of preventing tooth cavities and maintain oral hygiene, teeth acid wear is a silent problem of which many people are not even aware.

It is a fact that our teeth fall victim to acids that come from food every day, and these acids are very bad for the teeth as they tend to slowly but steadily destroy the hard surfaces of our teeth. Read on to find more about the causes of acid wear and how to prevent it.

How Does Acid Wear on Teeth Happen?

Acid from fruits or any other foods causes a temporary softening of the teeth, which is reversed after some time naturally by the saliva in your mouth. However, if people eat too much food that contains this type of acid, the process of reversing might not happen and the softness of the teeth could become permanent. This is a serious issue and it something that should be thought about carefully.

Tooth acid wear can make your teeth become too sensitive to heat and cold, which can make eating and drinking very unpleasant. Besides this, tooth acid wear can also make your teeth yellowish, because their outer layer disappears and the layer which is underneath is exposed – dentin. It is extremely hard to make these yellow teeth white again, even with extensive whitening treatments.

How Can You Protect your Beautiful Teeth from the Ravages of Teeth Acid Wear?

Although many people are not aware of this, it is not recommended to brush your teeth right after a meal. The reason for this is that teeth are very sensitive after eating high acid foods, and brushing them while they are this sensitive can cause the outer layer of the teeth to be removed more quickly and easily. Therefore, it is important to always wait at least an hour after a meal before you brush your teeth.

It is very important to understand that fruits can cause acid wear on teeth, especially citrus fruits. In order to avoid this, you should be careful about how much fruit you eat and limit the amount of time fruits spend in your mouth. Also, it is not good to suck lemons and oranges, as this tends to really destroy the outer layer of the teeth.

For example, when you drink lemonade, you should always drink it through a straw to avoid contact with the teeth. Also, soft drinks, wine and vinegar based salad dressings can also be bad for the teeth if consumed too often. Owing to the fact that teeth acid wear cannot be reversed, this problem should always be avoided at all costs.

It is not good to lose the whiteness and the strength of your teeth over the fact that you weren't careful enough. By following the tips in this article you should now know what causes teeth acid wear and now know how to prevent it.



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