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Hairstyles for the 1950’s Teenager

In many ways, the Fifties were the first time when teenagers were recognized as their own demographic. The period of prosperity that marked the Fifties allowed for more leisure time than ever, and for the first time, the idea of being a teenager, someone who was not a child, but definitely not an adult was coming into shape.

teens 50s hairstylesThis was the first time when this particular age group could be idle and the result was fashion and hair that was easily distinguished from the era before and after it.










The most common Hair cut was called a Tony Curtis taken from the way he wore his hair.

The boys slicked back their hair with Brilliantine into a wavy Quiff style with long sideburns and because of the way the hair was finished to the back of the head, the style was brushed back to meet in the middle with the finishing touch of a comb run down the center back, thus giving the look of a DA (ducks arse).

50s veronica lake hairstyleDuring the Fifties, teenage girls wouldn’t be caught dead with straight hair.

While they might use pin rollers and rag curls to set their hair up and night and try to get long curling Veronica Lake locks by morning, more and more teenage girls were resorting to the wildly popular home permanents that were seeing circulation.

Girls who didn’t have naturally curly hair could fake it and there were many different ways that it could be worn.

Girls who were after a more modern look would cut it short into a poodle cut, while girls who were after something more flirty would pull it back into a high ponytail.

As in many eras, boys had less to choose from than girls did, but they still managed to express a fair amount of style.

For the most part, they decided against the slicked straight back look that their fathers favored and instead chose to either cut their hair quite short or to style it into a gentle wave or flat top with Brilliantine.

It also might be teased up slightly, though not overly much in a style known as a Tony Curtis.

The 1950s were a time for change, both in the country and in the minds of the people who were living in it, and one place that you might see this was in the hairstyles of the 1950’s teenager!
Teens 50s Hairstyles


Authentic 1950s Teens Hairstyles


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