Teen Girls Costumes For A Great Halloween

Looking For the Best Teen Girls Costumes

When you have a teen girl in the house, or you are just helping one shop, you'll find that Halloween is a great time to go all out and to really have some fun.

teen girls costume

Teen girls Halloween costumes can cute as can be with
some goth horror for some great costume looks.

Halloween means different things to different people, so have a talk with your own teen girl about what she is looking to wear for this spooky holiday.  

Ask her what the holiday means to her and remind her about what her activities are going to be. Heading to a friend's party will require gear that is a lot different than if she is helping out for a hayride or haunted house, for instance.

When you are costume shopping for a teen girl, keep your mind open and you'll find that there are plenty of different options in front of you.

First, when you are helping costume a teen girl, ask her what her favorite shows are and who she would like to dress as.

For lots of younger girls, the answer is Hannah Montana, and if you are looking for a Hannah Montana costume, you'll find that you are in luck this season.

ten girls costumesFrom the bright gold shoes to the fun concert outfits, you'll find that you are looking at plenty of places that can supply you with the basic costume along with all the details that will make it really fly.

For the teen girl who loves her sci fi, steer her towards a Princess Amidala costume.

You may also find that your teen has a slightly more classic bent when it comes to Halloween. Maybe she prefers something more deeply spooky.

If so, than a teen girl mummy costume might be what she is really sighing after. If its spooky that she's after, remember that the details are going to help sell it.

Look for some great fake blood, and make sure that you find a way to rat out her hair to give it the proper moldering, creepy look.

When your teen girl wants to go for a combination of scary and sweet, remember that this is totally possible.


Take some time to look up the best fairy costumes that you can find and then spend some time accessorizing to give them that wonderful combination of doom and gloom. When you are looking at a fairy costume, makeup is your best friend, so don't go light with it. Halloween's a great time to just cake it on and get a stunningly odd look.

Teen Girls Costume Makeup

When doing makeup for Halloween, think about the effect that you want. If she is playing a fairy, for instance, a completely flat and flawless foundation in a weird color that matches her costume might be terrific. For instance, if she is going as a grim little skull fairy, try for a dead white complexion that is shaded with blue, gray or even a dull green for contrast.

Dressing your teen girl in her costume for Halloween can be great fun, so take some time and really think about what she wants and how you can help.


Teen Girls Costumes

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