Teen Girl Haircuts - Makeover To Trendy Short Shag


As a teenage girl, it is important to select the right haircut in order to create the right hairstyle. As a result of having the right hairstyle, the perfect look can be achieved. Combining the elements of cut, style, and even makeup can result in the appearance of beauty, maturity, and sophistication.

One of the trendiest styles that many teens with short hair are taking advantage of is the trendy shag. Here, you will be introduced on the ways in which you can achieve the trendy shag makeover as a teen girl.

Do you have short, plain hair that seems to drain all the beauty from you? Do you feel as if your style can be changed but are stuck in a rut on how to optimize the appearance by changing your hair?

This is all very common when it comes to short hair in teen girls. The good news is, the short style that you once thought you could not do much with, is a style that you can actually turn into a glamorous new appearance!


Now, you can take a basic short style and transition it into a mature, sleek style that brings out your natural facial features.


DIY Trendy Shag Hairstyle

In order to achieve the trendy shag hairstyle, simply follow the directions listed below:


1. First, you will want to shampoo and condition the hair. This will ensure that the hair products that you use attach to the hair easily, while maintaining a smooth and soft appearance.

2. Once you have finished with the shampoo and conditioning of the hair, you will want to brush the hair straight down and spray with a leave in conditioner.

This adds to the soft appearance that is necessary to be naturally beautiful.

3. Once the conditioner has been applied, simply apply mousse to the hair. You will need to apply this hair product generously throughout the entire hair. This is especially true if the hair is relatively thin.

4. Next, you will want to gather the supplies of a brush that is considered to be radial and a hairdryer. You should make certain that the hair is brushed straight down prior to using the hairdryer.


5. Once you start to dry the hair, it is important to ensure that the sides are blown in a back manner, and that the back is dried towards the head. This will allow the back to maintain a “teased” and full appearance.

6. Once you have accomplished the look that you desire for the trendy shag teen makeover, it is important to apply hairspray to the hair. This will ensure that the style holds appropriately.

If you want to add a more dramatic look to the trendy shag makeover, you may want to implement the use of makeup to maximize the appearance of certain facial features.

With this style, the mouth and the eyes should be highlighted to ensure that they stand out among all the facial features. Using a lipstick that is close to the shade of your hair color is a wonderful way to highlight the mouth.

When it comes to the eyes, you will want to place dark eyeliner on the top eyelid, near the eyelashes. You will then want to select a dark colored eye shadow on the lower eyelid. You should then accent this shadow by using a sparkling, lighter color on the upper eyelid.


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