Teen Acne Prevention

Tips To Prevent Acne

Prevention is better than cure, is a very apt saying. If a problem does not occur, there is no hassle of controlling it or curing it. The same applies to acne as well. Let us look at some simple tips to help you prevent acne.

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Wash your face frequently. If you wash it twice daily, try and make it a thrice a day routine. Frequent cleansing will prevent dirt build-up in the pores of the skin and keep your skin healthy and clean. If you have delicate skin, use a cleansing agent like a face wash that is specifically formulated for facial skin.

Steer clear of deodorized soap as these can be harsh on the skin. Take stock of the oils and lotions that you use daily on your face. It could be your hair gel to the mousse used, or the face moisturizers and even cleansing lotion that could be very oily and hence lead to acne.

Preventing Acne

The next item on your check list should be the cosmetics that you use. Try as much as possible, to stick to using water based products. Differentiation is very easy when it comes to oil based cosmetics and water based products.

Oil based products stay as fresh as ever, just like freshly whipped cream while water based products show a very clear separation of base ingredients and water over a period of time. A better option to liquid cosmetics would be cosmetics in loose powder form.

While visiting a beauty salon, keep in mind that if your skin is acne prone, a facial is something you should avoid. This is especially the case if the person administering the facial isn't trained in complete skin care, they may end up causing more harm than good to your skin.

Protect your face from exposure to direct sunlight. Make a style statement, carry an umbrella when walking in the sun. Monitor your diet and it’s after effects. If you find that after eating specific foods, your skin starts developing acne, just refrain from including them in your meals.

And if after all these preventive measures, you still happen to develop acne, you will find the following recommendation very helpful in getting rid of it:

Take a pinch of table salt in your palm and add water to it. Apply the mixture to the acne affected area after washing your face. Once dry, wash it off. This will not take more than ten minutes. Routinely do this on a daily basis and you should see a difference in as little as 7 days.

So make applying these preventative measures your choice, starting today.


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teen acneTeenage Acne Tips
In most cases, as the teenager approaches the end of the “teen age” years, the hormones are more balanced and in control. This often leads to the acne problem disappearing.
Teenage Acne Tips


Teen Acne Prevention

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