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Swimmers Hair Care

A swimmers hair care needs to take on the same problems all swimmers have with their hair – it is green, dry and full of chlorine. It is one of the side effects of their hobby or profession. However, this problem can be rectified if they pay a little more attention to the hair care for swimmers techniques and don't just stick to the classic methods. The water can be very problematic for the hair.

swimmers hair care

Losing the Green Nuance and the Dryness

This is why it's not even recommended to wash your hair daily or multiple times a day. When it comes to a swimming pool, things are even worse. The water has a lot of chemical products inside, used to keep it clean. Even the sea water can cause damage, especially the salt water. Neglecting hair care for swimmers will lead to unpleasant consequences. The hair may become dry, change its color, become very sensitive and easily break.

Rinse Your Hair Before and After Swimming

The hair acts like a sponge when it's wet. By rinsing it with regular water before swimming, you prevent the absorption of chemicals, like chlorine. Make sure it is entirely wet before getting in the swimming pool or the sea.

Once you are done, remove the harmful water right away by roundly washing again. Massage the scalp and run your fingers through the hair. If you give the harmful water enough time to dry on your head, all the salt and chlorine will be absorbed.

Once they get inside, they deteriorate your hair by making it dry, thin, faded and hard to arrange. According to the chemical substances inside the water, any of these effects may show up.

Therefore, rinsing is very important when practicing hair care for swimmers. Swimming pools can give you a green nuance, while the salted sea water makes it turn red or brown.

Hair Care Products

Hair care for swimmers implies using good quality products. When washing after swimming, use a shampoo and a balsam after. Massage the shampoo on the scalp and hair to remove the remaining chemical substances.

The balsam is good to maintain the hair in a healthy state. Give it at least 5 minutes on your head, then rinse everything, tighten the hair to eliminate the water and dry it with a towel. As a supplementary hair care for swimmers, you can also use a protective balsam that doesn't need to be rinsed away.

Such balsams are usually created for swimmers, therefore they are hydrating and contain extra vitamins to protect and feed your hair. Complicated hairstyles are very unhealthy for the swimmers' hair.

Since it is already under a strict treatment, extra chemicals like gels, sprays or dyes may cause even more trouble. Even a hair dryer is problematic, so choose the natural way.


Use a long teeth comb instead of a brush. Slowly unravel your hair with it until everything is clear. A brush may provoke a lot of damage when it is used on wet hair.

Other than that, if your hair is already damaged, you may lose a lot of it with a brush. Swimmers hair care must be very delicate, therefore go through the whole process in a very relaxing state, while you enjoy a movie for example.

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Published June 7, 2011

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