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Suzanne Shaws Star Quality Hair
Suzanne Shaws, winner of “Dancing with the Stars” displayed more than her top moves – she has set trends with her choice of hairstyle. The following will detail how to achieve this particular look for yourself.

suzanne shaws hairstylesThis hairstyle is most appropriate for hair that is medium to long length. In order to prepare for establishing this particular hairstyle, you will first want to ensure that you thoroughly shampoo the hair.

Once you have completely washed the hair, it is time to condition it. Conditioning the hair will allow the natural balance to be restored. It permits the hair to acquire moisture. This will make it easier to style and will allow the style to hold better once you have achieved the look that you are going after.

Once you have completed the preparation of the hair, it is time to move on to the steps required to achieve the Suzanne Shaw hairstyle.


1. The first thing that you will want to do is brush the hair down completely. You should gather up some hair clips and similar items – like berets – in order to assist in the formation of the Suzanne Shaws hairstyle.

2. You will want to gather up some styling spritz and spray it all over the head. This should be done prior to placing the clips and the berets in the hair in order to ensure that once you do put these in place, the hair will automatically style in this manner.

3. Now, it is time to part the hair. You will want to avoid a middle part, and go for a part that is more on the side of the head.

4. Take the back side of the bangs and clip them together. It is important to leave the first half down.

5. Now, you will want to get a hair dryer and some hair spray out. Prior to drying the hair, spray a little hairspray on the top and the sides. It is important to do so at an arms distance. You do not want to put in too much as it can make the hair stiff and ineffective when it comes to styling.

6. Now, dry the sides back slightly so that there is a mild flip in the style. You may want to use a radial brush in order to do this effectively. The brush will need to be holding the hair as you dry it in order to ensure that it flips back accordingly.

7. You must ensure that the bangs that you have put back are blown back slightly on low heat. This way, when the clip is taken out, they will sway back just enough to separate from the bangs that you have left down.

8. When drying the hair, it is also important to dry underneath the hair as this will add a level of “bounce” and “thickness”. The idea behind this is that the hair will appear light and will move freely when you move.

9. Once you get the hair dry, you should remove the clips and berets in order to allow these sections of the hair to freely move.

10. Once the hair is down, brush it to resemble the Suzanne Shaw hairstyle, and lightly mist it with spritz in order to hold the style in place.

Now, wasn’t that easy?
You, too, can sport one of famous Suzanne Shaws hairstyles with little to no complications!

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