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Susan Boyle Hairstyles

Susan Boyle Hairstyle

Susan Boyle, Totally Fabulous

Overnight singing sensation Susan Boyle looks just stunning wearing her new updated hairstyle.

Susan Boyle discovered a simple trick that many women have learned- you can give yourself a new look and take years off of your appearance simply by having your hair cut, styled and colored.

You can forget about expensive surgical procedures or other drastic, costly measures and simply do what Susan Boyle did and take on a new hairstyle.

Susan Boyle's new hairstyle eliminated the coarse, gray curls so many women fight and instead features soft layers and a warm brown hue that makes this mature woman appear much youthful than before.

There are also subtle highlights and lowlights distributed through Susan Boyles hairstyle that offer her hairdo extra dimension and depth making it seem to be thick, lush and brimming with health and shine.

Style Inspiration

Susan’s hairstyle offers her a range of versatility as this look can be worn carefully coifed, casually tousled or many other ways in between depending on her mood, the time of day and where she is going.

Her style makes use of side swept bangs to show off her newly groomed eyebrows as well as numerous layers that allow for a slight bit of height throughout the crown.

style steps hairstyles for older women

  • Wash your hair with products made for your own hair type and condition
  • Towel dry gently and work out tangles with a wide tooth comb
  • Fill your palm with a moderate amount of styling mousse and distribute evenly throughout damp hair
  • use a rounded brush while blow drying your hair in small sections
  • Dry your bang while directing your hair to the side. Lift through the top as you are drying to offer your roots a light amount of height
  • The sides of your hair can be dried downward with the ends being flipped either under or over
  • When your hair is fully dry, if you choose, you can use a large barrelled curling iron to roll sections of your hair under
  • You can even opt to gently backcomb your hair throughout the top for extra volume
  • Mist gently with hairspray for hold

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Susan Boyle Hairstyles
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