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joannas super short hairstyleAs soon as I received Joanna's super short hairstyle picture and story I was inspired to create a gallery for super super short hairstyles.

The problem was I had hardly any styles as super short as Joanna's.

In the gallery below you will find styles that are almost super, super short and as Joanna has found, super short hair can be very feminine.

Joanna has cut her hair super short all over with a very light front fringe.

But as you will see in these pictures, you can cut short and then leave longer detail in the bangs or crown area.

Even with a super short hairstyle you can have looks that are sexy and glam or fun looks like the very short faux hawk.

Now, not every gal is born knowing how to handle the razor and scissors as Joanna so you may want to opt for a visit to your stylist.

Here is Joanna's story.

"My name is Joanna (Jo). My Mom recently got her hair cut short and I loved it. I also recently saw another woman with super short hair and was amazed at how pretty and feminine she still looked.

I love change and wondered how I would look with super short hair. Yesterday, spur of the moment, no hesitation, I took my husbands hair cutting razor and buzzed all my hair right off!!!

super super short hairstyleI laughed the whole time at the sheer craziness of what I was doing. I don't know many women that would ever do this let alone 12 days before Christmas!

My young daughters watched in amazement! My 6 year old kept saying "You are CRAZY Mommy!"

My four year old thinks it's beautiful... I will admit her sense of style is a little out there though! :)

My husband, well, he was stunned out of his mind but the best sport in the world about it!

I've got to say I feel very set free! We worry way too much about what others think of our appearance.

I personally think it's great! It cannot be messed up and simply isn't even long enough to comb... what bliss.

I've got very amusing responses from my friends and family. That's my hair story! Maybe it will inspire someone to be brave and do something they've never done! Jo"

"My super crazy short hair!"



My thanks to Joanna for sharing her story, if you would like to do the same please submit to: My Hairstyle
You must include information about your style as Joanna has done here. You do not have had to cut your own hair, any style is accepted.


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