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Summer Ponytails
When the days are hot and sticky outside, it feels good to get your hair off of your face. One of the best ways to do this is to pull it back into a ponytail. But the standard ponytail can be boring if you wear it the same way every time you go out.

summer ponytail hairstylesWhy not fall in love with the versatility of the timeless ponytail hair style by adding some unique variations? With a few twists, you can even turn the ponytail into a stylish party hairstyle. Here’s how to wear a ponytail:

Ways to wear summer ponytails: Take it to the side
Why wear your ponytail hanging down your back all the time?

A sexy variation is to pull it over the side so it drapes over one shoulder. For an even sexier look, use a curling iron to add loose waves to your hair.

This type of ponytail should be worn loosely so don’t attach the hair band too tightly. Let a few tendrils of hair fall into your face added softness.

Ways to wear summer ponytails: Use it to give a subtle lift to your face
A ponytail pulled up high on the head gives your face a subtle lift and can make you look younger.

Allow a few soft tendrils to hang down to soften the look otherwise you could end up looking like a cheerleader at cheerleading practice.

Ways to wear summer ponytails: Add small hair accessories around the face

After pulling your hair back into a ponytail, add some decorative bobby pins or small hair embellishments around the face.

Choose simple, geometric hair accessories or you could end up looking too childish and cutesy.

You can completely alter the look of your ponytail by simply changing the hair accessories. Try wearing this style to a casual evening party.

Ways to wear summer ponytails: Give the illusion of hair wrapped around your ponytail You’ve probably seen people wearing ponytails that look like they’re held together by a ring of natural hair. This look is easy to achieve. Simply draw your hair back and secure it with an elastic band.

Pull a small piece of hair out of the ponytail and wrap it around the elastic band to cover it. Use several small bobby pins to secure the tendrils of hair around the band.

Ways to wear summer ponytails: Crimp it
To give your ponytail a whole new look, pull your hair back and secure it loosely with a hair band. Use a hair crimper to crimp the entire length of your ponytail.
Pull a few tendrils loose and allow them to hang down to give a soft, unstructured look.

Ways to wear summer ponytail: Develop a wardrobe of hair accessories

summer ponytail hairstylesThere are a wealth of hair accessories available to enhance the look of a ponytail. You can add decorative bobby pains, hair snaps, hair magnets, decorative combs and tiny barrettes around your face.

To secure your ponytail, use decorative hair bands, barrettes, scrunchies, scarves, beads on elastic, leather ties, and sashes to name a few. Visit your local department store and see what’s available in the hair accessory section.

You can even hot glue a silk flower to an ordinary elastic band for a unique spring and summer ponytail holder. There’s something so romantic and elegant about wearing flowers in your hair.

Summer hair accessories can be fun and whimsical such as the lemon slices in our model's hair. Once you know how to wear a ponytail for the summer heat, you’ll love the versatility this simple, but elegant, style offers. It can go anywhere from the gym to a fancy party with minimal preparation.



Why not see how a pretty ponytail works for you this summer?

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Summer Ponytails

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