The Summer Bath, Enjoy It Light And Clean

summer bathOh the joy that hot summer days and humid evenings can bring to you, not to mention the wonderful elements to your beauty routine.

You will find that as with the other seasons, summer has its own demands that you must meet to keep yourself feeling and looking fabulous.

No matter what your personality may be, summer holds something special for everyone. Summer brings about soothing images of sun hats, a blanket spread out in the shade of a tree, or hotdog picnics on the beach.

Summer is full of lush bounties and beautiful colors, aromas and feelings unlike any other. Summer leaves us open and on display thanks in part to the stunning rays of the hot sun. Our minds wander when trapped indoors, wanting desperately to be a part of the outside world.

Most everyone craves the weekends during summer more than any other time of the year. We want to be outside, having fun and taking part in all that this exquisite season has to offer us. Well into the evening the temperature stays warm enough for us to indulge in many enjoyable activities.

Due to all that summer has to provide us with, even beauty routines, often complex can be helped along by the perfect elements of summer.

A long walk on the beach is not only a way to ease tension and stress; the tiny granules of sand provide your feet with delightful exfoliation that softens your flesh.

The humidity available during the summer offers your skin essential moisture and places a natural bounce within your locks. As you work or simply relax outside you will notice a slight elevation to your heart rate that improves your circulation offering a natural glow.

summer-bath-pretty-feetYou will find that summer gives you a chance to form a new relationship with your body, mind and inner self.

Allow yourself some much needed pampering during this warm, luxurious season.

Spend some time in the great outdoors just allowing summer to wash over you and cleanse you from the inside out.

Everything about the beauty surrounding us in summer is natural, there is no need to be fake or put on, either in personality or within your beauty regimen.


A glow will kiss your skin simply from sitting, enjoying the rays of the sun. Save your toner cosmetics for the harsher sun of the winter, allow nature to add its own sparkle to your flesh.

You are bound to find that the summer months offer you a chance to also place your foundation and blush aside in favor of a more down to earth, natural look.

After a long day enjoying the hot summer sun, a bath is the perfect way to lower your temperature and feel completely refreshed. In fact, if the heat of a summer day becomes too much, a mid day soak will make you feel rejuvenated.

When indulging in your evening bath, allow the window to stay open, feel a summer breeze caressing your skin, taking your thoughts to tropical paradises while you soak.

The scents of summer found in flowers and fruits are light and clean, to be enjoyed thoroughly in all of their glorious forms. Summer with its many available elements is the perfect season for creating your own beauty and bath products and enjoy a cooling summer bath.


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