Sugaring For Hair Removal ~ Easy Recipe

hair removalSugaring for hair removal is a method of hair removal that is very close to waxing. However the mixture of the product is what makes the difference. Sugaring products replace the wax with a blend of sugar and honey. What a sweet way to rid your body of unwanted hair! 

Sugaring generally involves about the same amount of pain as waxing does. This is because the sugar blend coats your leg hairs and your hair is removed right from the roots. Sugaring works incredibly well for excess hair on your upper lip or along the bikini line.

It should be noted that sugaring for hair removal is not known for being a mess free project. You will want to use the sugaring method somewhere that is relatively easy to clean such as the bathroom. Generally, you will remain free of hair after sugaring for approximately two to six weeks.

Many women find that they will start to notice some growth of fine hair about two weeks after they sugar. At about the four week mark, is when the dark, thicket hair starts to make an appearance again. Although sugaring kits are not overly expensive, a large number of women opt to just make their own sugaring mixture at home.

A homemade sugaring blend is so simple to make and works just as well as anything that you can purchase in the store. If you are interested in creating your own sugaring mixture, there are numerous simple recipes that you can use.

Sugaring For Hair Removal
Easy Body Sugar Recipe For Hair Removal

Simply blend a cup of white sugar with the juice from half of a lemon along with a quarter of a cup of honey. This mixture will need to be heated in the microwave for around two or three minutes. Or, until your blend starts to bubble and becomes smooth.

Let the mixture sit until it is cool enough to be used. Once your sugaring blend is ready, you will need to ensure that you have a wooden tool of some sort, a tongue depressor works well to apply the sugar. Make sure that you also have strips of white cotton cloth, you can use an old cotton t-shirt to create strips if you wish.

When you are ready to begin sugaring, make certain the area on your body to be removed of hair is clean and dry. Dust the area with some cornstarch before you start, as this will rid your body of oil.

With the wooden applicator, apply a thin layer of your homemade sugaring blend over the area that you wish to remove the hair from. Gently cover the sugar mixture with a strip of your cotton material and run your hand along the strip in the direction against the growth of your hair.

Take hold of the end of your fabric strip and pull it off quickly moving in the opposite direction of the hair growth. Once you are finished, wash the area with warm water to remove any left over sugar mixture. You can now apply a lotion or cream if you wish, just make certain that it is not scented as to avoid irritation.

Sugaring For Hair Removal
That is all there is to sugaring for hair removal. It is a simple and easy process that you can easily do in the comfort of your own home.


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Sugaring For Hair Removal

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