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soft black curlsPeople from many ethnic groups have curly hair and African hair is the curliest. Black hair is also the driest and the most delicate. A lot of people with afro hair suffer from hair damage and breakage from chemical treatments and heat styling but there are some natural ways for styling black curls or loosen tight curls.

Curly hair has special needs. The curlier your hair is, the drier it will be. If you want to grow curls long, you must use good quality hair care products to stop breakage and hair loss and make hair strong, beautiful and healthy. 

Many women with black afro hair want to create curls sometimes without a frizzy look. There are different ways for styling black curls, depending on whether you want permanent curls or whether you want to style your hair regularly and depending on the natural state of the hair, such as thickness and softness.

Perhaps you have tight curls and want to relax them into smooth, soft curls or maybe you have had your hair relaxed and you want to curl it sometimes. There are easy ways to do these things.

Styling Black Curls ~ Creating Permanent Curls

A curly perm, texturizer or kiddies perm will curl the hair for long lasting results. A wash and wear relaxer, which is a mild lye relaxer, can be used to leave the hair in a semi-natural state. If your hair is dry or if you don't want to use chemicals, there are also ways for styling black curls which will last from a day to a week

As long as your hair is healthy to begin with, a perm will not necessarily damage your hair or lead to breakage, assuming you care for it once you have had the treatment. If you want a perm, you should go to a salon rather than try to perm your own hair.

black womens curlsStyling Black Curls ~ How to Turn Kinked Hair into Soft Curls

If you have naturally curly or kinky hair, this technique usually gives great results. You will need to restyle it once a week. You will need moisturizing shampoo, leave in conditioner, a spray bottle with water, a hooded hairdryer, a handheld hairdryer, pomade, gel and a wide or medium tooth comb.

Shampoo and condition your hair. Comb it through while still wet and saturate with pomade and gel. Part the hair into half or one inch sections and add more pomade to each section as you work on it. With the wide or medium tooth comb, comb the hair in each section from root to end, starting at the neck and working your way forwards. Pull the hair a little as you brush it to stretch the kinks into smooth curls.

Keep the hair wet during this process by spraying it with water or leave in conditioner. Sit under a hooded dryer until the hair is dry. You need to get your look right before sitting under the dryer so if you wear a hair parting, part it before drying the hair.

Make sure your curls are elongated enough first too. After drying under a hooded dryer, you can use a handheld hairdryer to elongate the curls more. Hold the hair at the end and gently pull it while blowing hot air from the root to the mid-point of the hair.

Styling Black Curls ~ How to Create Small Ringlet Curls Using Straws

If you are growing out a perm, using straws to make Shirley Temple style ringlets will disguise the difference between your growing-out perm and your natural hair.

For this style, you will need end papers, a packet of plastic drinking straws or perm rods for larger curls, bobby pins, an alcohol-free setting lotion and light hair oil or a protective mist spray.

First of all, you need to shampoo and condition your hair, before blotting it dry with a towel. Part the hair into fourth or half inch sections and place the end papers on the ends of the hair. Roll your hair on to the straws or the perm rods and secure each one with a bobby pin.

Keep doing this until you have done the whole head. Dry your hair under a hooded dryer. Remove the straws gently and separate the curls. Spray with the oil and keep spraying each day.

It is a good idea to sleep in a silk scarf, wave cap or bonnet to keep the curls looking good. You can spritz your curls with water whenever you want a bit more bounce.

black curly hairstyleHow to Create a Two Strand Twist and Twist Out

This is a trendy hair style and after wearing your hair in twists, you can remove them and your hair will be wavy, so you get two hairstyles in one. Part the hair into small sections and divide each section into two strands. Coat the hair with pomade or gel.

Coil the strands around each other from root to end. Repeat this for the whole head. Untwist the strands gently after a few days for wavy hair. You can vary this style by using smaller or larger sections.

How to Define Curls if You Have Biracial Hair

A lot of biracial people have wonderful curls when their hair is wet but a frizzy mass when it is dry. If you have soft, natural curls, the following technique is useful if you want well defined, springy curls.

Wash your hair once a week, rinsing the hair on the other days if you like. Detangle the hair each day. Apply a leave in conditioner and saturate the hair with protective mist. Apply styling gel and hair oil and let the hair dry naturally. In the winter you can use a blow dryer on the lowest heat setting and gently stretch the hair as it dries.


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