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“As Seen on TV” products are not just for the kitchen these days, and more and more frequently new products are debuting right in your own living room – and that includes beauty products that will interest every kind of woman in every kind of place.

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Most gals know – shopping for beauty products and styling accessories is half the fun! And admit it: You’ve found youself flipping channels at home and stumbled across an infomercial and heard yourself suddenly exclaim, “I want that!”.

Well, amidst the crush of today’s hectic schedules a girl’s gotta find time to shop!rose divider

Hair Accessory Tips

Accessory Tips


A hair accessory allows a woman to stand out with her distinctive personal style.

Make your own unique hair accessory

Infomercials and extended commercials can be a fantastic way to learn about the hottest new beauty goodies and styling accessories on your own time, and you will likely find products you didn’t even know you needed. A good demonstration can make a product junkie of any girl, and what could be more decadent than checking out the hottest new styling tools from the privacy of your own home.

Available through QVC, Home Shopping Network, or online at any time, there are amazing products that can help you get and maintain your most beautiful hair, and they are often introduced by the inventor/designer of the product!

Consumers simply can’t ask for more authoritative Q & A than that. Given the time allotted you’ll likely get to see a multitude of uses and tips for getting the most out the product, and sometimes there is nothing better than the visual of being taught how to do something.

Whatever your specific need or desire, there’s a fun little gadget that will have you styling like a pro. There’s a stand for your blow dryer that gives you a virtual third hand so you can achieve the perfect blowout all by yourself. And if you’re wildly curly and longing to be smooth as glass, there is a long list of straightening tools out there, from a rolling heated polishing brush that gives sleek volume and shine to a steaming hot iron with detangling teeth tucked inside.

Straight haired girls who can’t ever seem to hold a curl will love special ionic curling irons that will ensure your curls stay put until you wash them out! And it’s not all about electronics, either. There are microfiber towels that will get the moisture out of your hair in no time at all, and shine serums and shampoos.

Don’t forget the tricky little styling helpers either. Bumpits give you movie star mega volume with minimum effort, the Total Hair Makeover Kit ensures that you’ll never rock a plain old ponytail ever again, and the EZ Comb gives you sophistication that can go from work to a wedding.

Many products also come with instructional DVDs, which is almost like bringing the demo home with you to ensure no fail styling execution!

So next time you’re watching tv in the middle of the night and a fabulous Hollywood hairstylist comes on extolling the virtues of his latest styling invention, don’t be so quick to change the channel. Instead, hunker down in your Snuggie, clap off your Clapper, and don’t forget to grab your credit card and laptop, because operators will be standing by!

Bumpits Hair Volumizing Inserts
Styling Accessories

The hottest new hair gizmos around are Bumpits the volumizing hair inserts by Big Happie Hair.

bumpits big happie haie
They come in three different sizes, including a little baby Bumpit to pull your bangs back into a perfectly smooth Gwen Stefani pouf or pompadour and the supersized “Hollywood” Bumpit for a bouffant that Amy Winehouse would envy.
Bumpit Bumpit Bumpit


Cocktail Hats

pink cocktail hat

Cocktail hats are wonderful and not just for cocktails, add one of these darling little hats to top off almost and outfit in style!

If you love feathers, ribbon, and bows this is your hat. View our large selection of ladies cocktail hats.

The Cocktail Hat

Hair Gloves

bumpits big happie haie
Ladies with active lives require a no fuss active hairstyle, and sometimes a plain old ponytail just doesn’t cut it. If you’re looking for a functional and stylish alternative, then you must meet the Hair Glove! If you’re the kind of gal who throws her mid-length to down-to-there long hair up in a ponytail everyday to just get it out of the way, this is the style for you.

Hair Glove Accessories

Hair Snoods

hand crocheted snood
Create Vintage and romantic hairstyles with hand crocheted or vintage snoods A snood is a wonderful way to dress up your hair as a bride for your wedding or for a finishing touch for a romantic look..
Hair Snoods

Hair Boutique

This section takes a look at the styling accessories that have come and gone over the years. Although you may no longer see some of these styling accessories featured on TV or in magazines,

Hair Accessories Boutique

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