Storing Vitamins

Deciding that you want to take vitamins, and then determining which vitamins are the ones that you need are great steps, after that however, it is very important to know the way your body is storing vitamins.

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How Your Body Stores Water And Fat Soluble Vitamins

Basically, there are two main kinds of vitamins, these are water soluble vitamins and fat soluble vitamins. How your body does or even does not store the vitamin substances taken from food is dependant on which of the vitamin categories that it comes from.

Storing Vitamins ~ Water Soluble

Our bodies can not store vitamins that are water soluble which means that we need to replace any water soluble vitamins we need each and every day. For example, the eight B vitamins as well as vitamin C are vitamins that are water soluble so our bodies can not store the content of these vitamins.

Not only can our bodies not store water soluble vitamins, water soluble vitamins are also unfortunately very easy to obliterate by not storing them in the proper manner, handling them in the wrong way or even by cooking the foods that have these vitamins in them.

It is incredibly essential to not cook vegetables that are water soluble in boiling water as you will ruin the vitamin content found in them. You can remedy this problem however by choosing to steam these vegetables or even by taking the water that you cooked the veggies in and creating a sauce or a gravy.

People should eat a balanced diet as often as possible that contains at the minimum 5 servings of fruit and vegetables to make sure that we are offering our bodies enough vitamins for our bodies to use as needed. This will make certain that we do not have a vitamin deficiency even though we can not store vitamins that are water soluble.

Storing Vitamins ~ Fat Soluble

Vitamins that are fat soluble however can be stored in our bodies. The content from these vitamins are stored in our fat cells so that they can be put to use whenever a person needs. This also means that we do not need to take as many fat soluble vitamins as often as water soluble vitamins.

Vitamin A, D, E, and K are fat soluble vitamins that are stored by the fat cells in the human body. Always makes sure that you store all of your vitamin supplements in a proper manner so that their content is not compromised and you are always getting the most benefit from the product.



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Storing Vitamins

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