Stop Oily Skin In Summer

Stop Oily Skin

Summer Skincare

The impending arrival of the summer months means your mind is filled with thoughts of sandals, sundresses, pool parties, and (unfortunately), how to stop oily skin in summer. Yes, along with all of the wonderful perks of summertime, comes problematic super oily, shiny skin.

Contrary to popular belief, your skin is not actually producing more oil during the summer; it's the humidity that's to blame. Added humidity in the air just causes the oil to sit on your face longer and once it mixes with sweat you are left with a greasy, shiny, mess; which does not at all compliment that new teeny bikini you just bought. Luckily, a few little tips may be all you need to get out from behind the freezer door and out into the summer sun.

Downplay the Skin Care

The added moisture in the air makes it so that you don't need to do so much to your skin. In fact, the fewer products you can put on your face, the better off you will be. If you can skip moisturizer altogether and just use sunscreen, great. If not, switch to a light moisturizer and only use it where you need it.

The extra time that oil is spending sitting on your face can often cause clogged pores. To avoid a whole new problem, try treating your face with a salicylic acid every other day. Be careful not to over-cleanse though or your face will begin producing even more oil to compensate for what you are stripping away.

Change Your Makeup Routine

To stop oily skin in summer and get your makeup to stay put all day, try just a few minor adjustments.

  1. First, consider using a primer. These are extremely lightweight lotions that offer a translucent, smooth canvas that your makeup can stick to better. Tip; always find a primer that is "mattifying." Simply smooth it on before your makeup for a shine-free look.
  2. Second, skip the foundation altogether. The primer takes care of evening out your skin tone, so just use a concealer for problem areas and skip the rest.
  3. Third, bronzers and blush are your best friends when it comes to giving your skin a natural summery glow and a way to stop oily skin in summer. Powdered products help avoid shine and can even tone down oily areas.
  4. Tip; bypass the shimmery products; they'll have the opposite effect and just make you look even shinier.

Touch Ups

No matter how good you may be with your summer skin routine, you still may end up with a midday shine. This can be easily remedied by using a tissue or blotting pads on oily areas to absorb the excess oil. Follow this by dusting some mineral powder over your face; just make sure it's translucent. Concealer has a habit of finding its way into the fine lines of your face.

Using your fingers, gently maneuver it back across your face and then tap your fingers around your eyes to blend. Always make sure to wash your hands before doing any touch-ups; otherwise all the oil from your fingers will end up on your face and wreck all of your hard work.

A summer skin care routine may take a little extra effort at times, but actually simplifies your life by allowing you to skip a number of products in your routine. Follow these tips and you can stop oily skin in summer and enjoy the sunny season.

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Updated October 24, 2011

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