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Still Me

Still me, yet I'm free....

Still Me PJ

Wow, it was so good to say that to myself....I finally did it. After years of complaining, being depressed, God told me that I am not my hair and that my hair was not me.

I believed Him, so I did it through His strength and loving every bit of me. Bald, Beautiful & Blessed, Yes, that's what I found out. Blessed to be able to live yet another day.

Beautiful to know that lack of hair does not define anyone.

Immune Alopecia Disease

Bald from the immune Alopecia Disease. Having being faced with the loss of hair for over 20 years, God revealed to me, delivered my fears and anxiety to let myself be free.

PJ I Am Not My Hair

PJ - “I Am Not My Hair”

I am loving the me that God has made me to be. 58 years of God's work in me to be a help to others. If I can help someone, because the glory of our frailties is to help someone else, not for ourselves, but for God.

Be free, ladies and gentlemen. Life is still good. Life is worth more than just hair.

Enjoy our gift...LIFE. Our wonderful present from God.

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With A Body Like This Who Needs Hair

P, J Wearing Her “With A Body Like This Who Needs Hair t Shirt”

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Still Me
Published July 24, 2013
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