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Steve Buscemi is probably one of Hollywood’s most well known supporting actors. His quirky roles and interesting looks have made him a household name.

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So, it is not a far reach to hear that a number of men are interested in copying his hairstyle. Steve Buscemi’s hair is worn in a way that helps to mask the fact that his locks are significantly thinning as he ages.

Some guys choose to cut their hair very short when they begin to loose it, Steve Buscemi opts for a different although just as appealing course of action.

The style that Steve Buscemi chose for his hair has a touch of length in the back that was ever so gently texturized and allowed to form a natural flip that offers a funky edge that is wonderful for day and evening wear alike.

There is some very minimal layering in Steve Buscemi’s hair that gives it a bit of movement, preventing it from falling flat against his scalp. This layering also provides his hairstyle with more fullness which makes it look thicker.

The front of Steve Buscemi’s hairstyle is casually brushed to the side which leads the eye away from the forehead therefore taking notice off of the fact that his hairline is receding. A haircut like Steve Buscemi’s is easy to care for and hardly more effort than a very short style.


Style Steve Buscemi Hair


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style steps hairstyles for older women

Wash your hair with products made for your hair type and condition

Towel dry and detangle with a comb Work a palmful of styling mousse through damp hair with your fingertips

If desired, use a blow-dryer on medium head, direction your hair back and to one side with your fingers.

Tousle slightly while lifting throughout the crown and roots while you dry

You can opt to use a very small amount of styling wax on your fingertips to pull your hair towards the side in the front and the ends outward if desired

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Steve Buscemi Hair
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