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How To Choose The Right Prom Hairstyle For You

Your prom hair style, finding the right one and choosing the right prom hairstyle is crucial to looking your best on prom night. This article guides you through deciding which prom style will be best for you. Having the right prom hairstyle is a key element of a beautiful prom night.

hillary duff prom hairstylesThe aim is to achieve the right balance between your dress, your hair, your make-up, and your accessories.

Sadly, many people do not give enough attention to their prom hairstyle even though they may spend days searching for the perfect dress, shoes, and lipstick.

With prom hairstyles there are really no right or wrong answers, rather it is what makes you look your very best on the night.

Beautiful prom hairstyles are not necessarily only created in salons. Some styles can be easily achieved at home. If you do decide to pamper yourself and have a stylist do your hair then remember to make the appointment well in advance.

Make the appointment 3-4 months before your night but be sure to make a note of the time (it is a good idea to ring and confirm the appointment 2 days before the date).

It's often a good idea to use your usual stylist for your prom hairstyle as they already know your hair and more importantly have an idea of your personality.

A prom hairstyle that you feel comfortable with and are confident wearing is essential. If you feel beautiful, chances are you will look beautiful. Don't let a hair stylist or a friend talk you into something that you feel is inappropriate. What style is best for you will depend on how you see yourself, and how you want others to view you.

Your Prom Hairstyle Finding The Right One
There are more prom hair styles and ideas at Stellure History Of Prom Grad And Homecoming Hair Styles And Fashions in our Stellure Salon.

A prom hairstyle needs to complement your dress. While there are no hard and fast rules, here are some guidelines that you should consider.

Think about what is the best hairstyle for your face shape. Become a Stellure member or try it for free. Use the Stellure face shape wizardto determine your face shape.

You should consider having a trial run. This way you can check that your dress, shoes, hair, and accessories all work together.

If you have a picture of the prom hairstyle you want take it along to the hairstylist with you, or you can use a print-out from www.stellure.com

If you are wearing a dress that has a high or a fussy neckline, then it is often best to wear your hair up if you have medium length or long hair. Because the neck of your dress is such a feature, you will want to keep your hair simple and elegant.

Match the style of your dress and the style of your hair. If you are wearing a timeless elegant gown opt for a classic hairstyle such as a French roll. If you are wearing a funky dress then try some funky up dos.

Continue the line of your dress all the way up to your head. If you are wearing a dress that has a soft and floating skirt then think about wearing your medium-long length hair down.

The movement of your hair will complement the movement in your skirt. On the other hand, if you are wearing a stiff skirted ball gown style dress than an up do will best complement this style


Finding The Right Prom Hairstyle


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