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Stellure 3D Imaging Software

Utilizing world-first patent-pending technology, Stellure reinvents the very idea of virtual hair makeover software.

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Stellure Styling And Solutions Virtual Salon


We are very pleased to welcome the Stellure, the online virtual makeover program to our exclusive Virtual Salon for you. When a new section of Beauty And The Bath is published it always seems like a new member has joined the family.

Stellure very much reflects the spirit and purpose of our web site, to bring you the best of new technology meeting with the beauty world and to inform and inspire you to be your most beautiful.

As we do, Stellure knows that you need detailed up-to-date information and advice to make important decisions regarding your hair.

In our Stellure article library you will find advice to guide you through selecting a new hair style, hair care advice, styling techniques and tips, trend reports and analysis.

We invite you to browse these feature articles and to also visit our complete review of Stellure, the industry leader in virtual salons and virual hair makeovers.


Hair Care Advice
for Beautiful Hair

Your hair is vital to creating your "look".
Find out how to make your hair look its
best all of the time.

Hair Care Advice for Beautiful Hair

Easy Styling

Instructions, hints and tricks for recreating salon looks at home.

Great Styling Techniques You Can Try At Home

Dare To Try A Short Hairstyle?

A short hairstyle makes a statement about who you are.

It can be assertive, glamorous, and most of all stylish.

Find out how to make a short hairstyle work best for you.
Dare To Try A Short Hairstyle

Face Shape And Hair Cut Style

What Works Best for You?
When choosing your new hair cut style you should consider which styles you like, which styles suit your lifestyle and hair type, but above all — which style of hair cut will look the most flattering on you and for your facial features.
Your Haircut And Face Shape

Which Hair Product for Your Hair Type?

Are you using the right hair products for styling your hair? Gels, mousses, foams, waxes, pomades,and hairsprays each type is suitable for different hair types and styling purposes.
Stellure Hair Care And Products For Different Hair Types

Hair Color:
Should You Do It?

A new hair color is one of the fastest ways to revitalize and update your look. What's more coloring your hair is fun and uplifting.
Stellure Styling And Solutions Virtual Salon
Stellure Hair Color Should You Do It

Stellure Hair Care For Different Hair Textures And Conditions

Stellure History Of Prom Grad And Homecoming Hair Styles And Fashions

Prom 2004 was the year you could have the look of Kelly Osbourne, Charlize Theron, Alyssa Milano, aka Twiggy, or Jennifer Aniston for your special night.

History Of Prom Grad And Homecoming Hair Styles And Fashions

Your Prom Hair Style Finding The Right One

Find the perfect hairstyle for prom, grad, or homecoming night and parties.

The only other time a hairstyle will be this important to you will be on your wedding day.

Your Prom Hair Style Finding The Right One

Oscar Hair And Fashion

A look back at 2005 hairstyles and fashion, sometimes we can learn as much looking back as we can looking ahead.

The hairstyles and fashions from the catwalks and red carpets showed us how the rich and famous influenced our hair by how they styled their hair in 2005.
Hair and Fashion

2005 Hairstyles And Fashions

2005 was a mix of both designers and stylists who combined looks from previous years.

The spring 2005 fashion runway shows were once again dominated by ruffles, frills, flowers and lace, with whisper-weight, flowing fabrics omnipresent.

Stellure 2005 Hair Styles And Fashion


Stellure Styling And Solutions Virtual Salon

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Stellure Styling And Solutions Virtual Salon
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