Stellure Hair Care For Fine Hair

long dry hairOccasionally people with fine hair deliberately damage their hair through color or heat treatments in the hope that it will give more volume and "style ability" to their hair.

It's true that the biggest problem for people with fine hair is the difficulty gaining volume and getting hair to hold a style, but fine hair is also much easier to damage than medium or coarse textured hair, and is twice as easy to break.

Coloring and heat styling hair lifts the hair cuticles, giving the hair more volume and increasing the friction between hair follicles so that they hold a style easier.

Similar effects can also be achieved through judicious use of hair product.

Volumizing products can help boost volume by coating the hair and making it appear thicker.

Styling gels and mousses can be particularly helpful in styling fine hair because although they go onto the hair smooth, they then undergo a "sticky" phase, which increases hair friction and makes it easier to style, without the long lasting damage!

It is also important to use a good, lightweight conditioner as part of your hair care routine, particularly as fine hair is so prone to damage.

Regular use of conditioners and styling products containing ingredients like polyquaternium, quaternium 18 and stearamidaproply dimethylamine will also help to reduce static build-up in fine, flyaway hair.
Stellure Hair Care For Fine Hair


Hair Care for Fine Hair


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