Stellure Hair Care For Damaged Hair

long dry hairHair is damaged once the cuticle of the hair (the flat scales that cover the core of the hair) are no longer flat or intact enough to provide structural integrity to the hair, leaving it vulnerable to splitting and breaking.

Hair is fairly resilient but can be damaged through excessive processing, perming, coloring, heat exposure, back-combing and general roughness.

The bad news is that once hair is significantly damaged, you can't repair it.

Hair is essentially dead once it leaves your scalp, and doesn't have the capacity to heal itself once it has been damaged.

The best course of action in most circumstances is to simply cut it off, although you may be able to soothe some of the damage with hair product until the hair is of acceptable length to cut without too much embarrassment.

Intensive hair conditioners and masks may help by coating the hair follicle with ingredients to smooth over the cuticles and seal in some moisture.

But remember — the last thing you should do is try to correct the damage through further coloring, perming or heat treatment!

Ultimately, the best (if not immediately helpful) advice for damaged hair is to prevent it through the use of a good conditioner and careful use of the more aggressive styling products and techniques.

Stellure Hair Care For Damaged Hair

Hair Care for Damaged Hair


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