Stellure Hair Care Advice For Beautiful Hair

shoulder length bob hairstyleAs your hair is vital to creating your "look", Stellure Hair Care Advice for Beautiful Hair helps you find out how to make your hair look its best all of the time.

Hair is usually the first thing someone will notice about you.

Your hair as well as providing cover for an otherwise bald head, has the power to transform your entire look.

It shapes your face, and the right cut can bring out your best features. Mostly, however, it reveals much about your personality. As most of us can attest to, feeling negative about our hair can powerfully affect our mood and confidence.

Psychologists have demonstrated that when people are happy with their hair they feel smarter, more capable, less embarrassed, and more sociable.

How then are you to have the best hair you possibly can?

Stellure Hair Care Advice for Beautiful Hair

The condition of your scalp plays a central role in determining how good it looks. Over stimulation of the oil glands due to stress, vitamin deficiency, poor diet, and sweat gives your hair greasy clumps at the roots, which attract dirt quickly. Oily hair is best treated by shampooing often with a gentle shampoo.

Dry hair is generally caused by a combination of genetics and environmental factors such as sun, salt, and chlorine that deplete your scalp of fatty acids and other necessary nutrients. Over processing can also cause hair to look dull, break easily, get frizzy, or be prone to split ends.

Use a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner to bring your dry hair back to life. Shampoo every other day or daily with a gentle shampoo to keep your hair looking great.

Once you have your hair in top condition all that remains for you to do is choose a great style for your hair. To aid you in selecting a new style Stellure offers a free trial of the Stellure Hair Style Studio, or you can become a member and visualize a new you.


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