Stellure Great Styling Techniques You Can Try At Home

blow drying long hair diffuserInstructions, hints and tricks for recreating salon looks at home. All the hairstyles you find in the Stellure catalogue (in both the trial and member modes) have their own detailed styling instructions, but here are some more in-depth guidelines for several methods you will want to use

Texturizing Hair
Apply a small amount of mousse (or styling balm or gel) evenly through partially dried hair to create volume and texture. Working from the underneath of the hair use your fingers to lift, tease and tousle the hair as you blow dry.

Select small sections of hair, use your fingers to scrunch and apply heat.

Direct the airflow of the dryer from the ends of your hair towards the roots to maximize fullness. If you prefer, you can use a dryer with a finger diffuser to give even more tousle.

You can also use a small curling iron to touch up the ends if you wish. However, some people do have hair that is naturally dry.

Then work molding or styling paste through with your fingers to create texture. Avoid using combs or brushes on the finished style to maintain absolute tousle.

Stellure great styling techniques you can try at home
Blowdrying Tricks and Tips for Smooth Hair

Towel dry your hair to remove excess moisture as your hair begins to take on its final shape when almost dry.
By removing the worst of the moisture you will save yourself not only time, but also stress to your hair.
Apply your styling product evenly throughout your hair once you have removed the excess moisture.
Section your hair with clips. Pin the top layers out of the way and begin with the underneath sections.

As your hair dries release more hair from the clips. Ensure that you have fully dried the section you are working on before moving onto the next section. Failure to do this will result in your hair reverting to its natural state.
Direct the airflow from your dryer along the hair from the root to the end in order to achieve a smooth finish. Make sure your hair has cooled before you remove your brush from a blow dried section of hair.

If you do this, your blow dry will last longer as it is like using tongs or rollers. Leave the hair as it falls from the brush, only running your fingers or brush through it when all the hair is finished and cooled off.

To achieve that smooth silky look brush your hair with a large paddle brush. Spray with an oil or a gloss to prevent frizz and add extra shine.— Stellure great styling techniques you can try at home.

Stellure great styling techniques you can try at home
Heated Rollers and Hot Sticks

Heated rollers and hot sticks need to be used on hair that is perfectly dry. It is also useful to remember that most hair types take heated curls better if the hair has not been washed recently. Hair should go around the roller one-and-a-half times to give lift and volume as well as to stop the roller from falling out. For every turn around the roller after that, you will get more and more curl and a tighter result.

Spray the entire head with hair spray.

Wait until the red light comes on, indicating that the set is ready (hot enough).

Start at the crown and use the right size for your style.

Use a fine-tooth comb to divide hair into even sections.

Take the first section, comb it smooth and spraying it again before putting the first roller or stick into the hair.

When rolling your hair, there is a basic rule that each section of hair should be narrower than the instrument - this will ensure the correct tension of hair and give you a better curl.

If you are curling short hair, it is a good idea to use a paper between the roller or stick and the hair — this will help keep them in place.

Roll the hair around the roller or stick and pull the ends until they disappear. This will avoid the 'fish hook' look.

Don't roll them too tight.

Work you way down the back and then the sides.

Finish with the ones at the front.

The direction of the roller will determine the direction of the hair.

For a spiral look to your curls, twist the section of hair before wrapping it around the roller.

Once all of the rollers are set in place, sit still. It is often the movement that allows the rollers or sticks to slip and pull, splitting the hair.

As soon as they are cool start removing the rollers or sticks in the same order that you put them in.

Use the large ones to give body to a straight style.

Use the medium for a bend or change of direction.

Use the small one to give curl.




Great Styling Techniques

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