Stellure 2005 Hair Styles And Fashion

marley shelton pouf updo hairstyleWhile some designers headed to Africa for safari jackets and a tribal look, others opted for an Asian stopover. Classical Greece, Hollywood circa 1940, 1970s London, and the American Wild West all proved to be inspiring places for the class of 2005.

It was Imperial Russia, however, that was shaping up as the inspiration of the year. Designers looked to this bygone empire for aristocratic opulence and pre-revolutionary peasant chic.

For all the new, the 2004 reign of the ladylike seemed set to continue.

Stellure 2005 Hair Styles And Fashion ~ The spring 2005 fashion runway shows were once again dominated by ruffles, frills, flowers and lace, with whisper-weight, flowing fabrics omnipresent.

The penchant for pretty and feminine had again transplanted itself from the runway to the red carpet. With the awards season under way, Hollywood's best and brightest were doing their best to dazzle.

joely richardsen princess diana gownAs in 2004, last year saw femininity and glamour ruling the carpet. Joely Richardson ("Nip/Tuck") sought to cement her place as a showbiz princess (she is from the famed Redgrave acting dynasty) by wearing a gown once worn by the twentieth century's epitome of femininity and glamour - the late Princess Diana.

Also going for the princess look were Emmy Rossum (star of "Phantom of the Opera") in white Ralph Lauren and Portia Di Rossi ("Arrested Development") in white Valantino.

While there was no serious challenger to the sweet, pretty, and flirtatious aesthetic, 2005 served up some tempering influences.

The much worn dark glam established itself opposite corner to the prim ladylike glamour of 2005. There was a decidedly gothic undertone arising. Marc Jacob's neoGoth collection sparked a great deal of interest in New York. In 2005, black was definitely back on the red carpet. At the Golden Globes it staged a mini comeback, with many stars opting for the perennial safety of black.


renee zellweger in carolina herrera 50s inspired dress

Renee Zellweger showed why their will always be a place for the LBD (little black dress) in a strapless Carolina Herrera 1950s inspired dress.

Deborah Messing went more goth than retro in her choice of black. 2005 was also the year that androgyny is making a comeback. However, you were still able to tell the boys from the girls - this was an androgyny tempered by an unambiguous femininity.

Designers' fascinations with masculine elements are really only lending an edge to collections full of femininity.

On the London catwalks the tomboy trend was seen in pieces like a chunky knit sweater wrapped with a black tuxedo bow belt, wide-leg trousers cropped mid-calf, and bright checked men's shirts revamped with feminine blousy sleeves.

deborah messing goth style gown

Stellure 2005 Hair Styles And Fashion ~ The Designers
Paul Smith is another designer playing with gender last year. Smith, set his bookish girls in slim two-button blazers, argyle sweaters, fedora hats and plaid knickers turned up at the knee.

Tempering this look was loose flowing hair and hippie elements, including shift dresses, pleated plaid skirts and earth-goddess caftans, and ethnic embroidery. Modifying the 2004 prim look, was the re-emergence of the boho look. We were free to play with American folk, hippy and gypsy looks in our quest for thrift store chic.

Before getting too carried away with homage to retro-styling, it was important to know that compared with the junked-up, granny's-attic fashions of a couple years ago, 2005 season's take on bohemian style was more sophisticated. 2005 boho was controlled and pretty.

While the gowns continued their celebration of all that is feminine, so too did the hair. If you have had your straightening irons on standby waiting for the waved hair fad to pass, then 2005 was not to be your year.

Big bouncy and glamorous hair was the buzz: on the catwalks (Versace, Chanel and Michael Kors all previewed the look on the spring/summer catwalks); in pop videos (Kylie Minogue was already bouffant); on the red carpets (Angelina Jolie showed up to the London premiere of "Alexander" with a voluminous mane.

natalie portman long tank dress

If big hair induced frightening eighties flashbacks, you could safely opt for a more natural look.

The natural look, was a perfect pairing with bohemian chic clothing, which had appeared on the runways with seemingly haphazard and tousled tresses.

The secret to getting this look right, however, was not taking the trend too literally.

Like all good hair, this style starts with a great cut and actually requires maintenance. By all means, embrace your hair's natural texture and flow, but remember that nature looks it best when given a little helping hand.

Natalie Portman opted for this boho chic look at the year's Globes, and earned a big thumbs up from many for her billowing tank dress with black beaded cummerbund and loose curls.

desperate hous wives

Desperate Housewives

Desperate Housewives showed that bigger is better when it comes to hair at the year's Golden Globes; it was on the big screen.

(Kate Beckinsdale wore it it in "The Aviator"); and on the television (in the words of one commentator "big hair is to "Desperate Housewives" what Manolos were to "Sex and the City""). In New York.

Blow-dry bars were springing up in the hippest of neighborhoods to cater for the new voluminous look.


marilyn monroe

The 2004 awards season saw a return of old Hollywood glamour.

Year 2005 seemed like a continuation of the trend.

Minnie Driver and Diane Kruger both went for good old-fashioned glamour with their hair if not there clothing.

But, it was Scarlett Johnasson channeling Marilyn Monroe and who looked every bit the blonde bombshell who was the standout in the vintage Hollywood stakes.

scarlett johnasson


nicole kigman gucci gown

2005 also left you no hair to hide behind, with a clear trend for hair to be softly drawn away from the face. Nicole Kidman, in a bright Gucci gown complete with peacock feather elected to keep her hair and makeup sweet and simple.

Kidman's naturally curly hair seemed effortlessly pulled back, with an effect that was all chic glamour.

Hilary Swank, however, kept things even simpler with a style straight from her high school yearbook - a ponytail, with all the confidence of a true million dollar baby.

hillary swank chic ponytail


Stellure 2005 Hair Styles And Fashion ~ Although not really seen on the red carpet the other big hair trend of 2005 was the disconnected asymmetric cuts. Blunt edges were cropping up in the most unexpected places, with very little to no blending taking place. There was no denying this was an edgy trend and probably best avoided by the shrinking violets among us.

dianne krugarWe could try taming these styles down with an asymmetric cut (one side is longer than the other). The angle of the cut could range from a gentle slope to a plummet.

So what can we learn from the hair styles of 2005?
The golden rule of "try before you buy" is most likely the best answer.

Would you have worn Nicole Kidman's Gucci with out first trying it on, or that Princess Dianna gown we loved on Jolie Richardsen?

Of course not, we were able to take the risk out of choosing from all those hair styles of 2005 with Stellure, setting the new golden rule of " try before you style".
Stellure 2005 Hair Styles And Fashion


Stellure 2005 Hair Styles And Fashion


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