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Spring 2010 Fashions

After having a look at the spring 2010 fashions, I wonder why designers do not design clothes for real women.

We Are Not All Models

Women who are not models and perhaps do not have perfect figures.

This may sound like a wacky concept to some people, but it is about time we realized that models do not reflect the image of most women today, and that fashion is more than garments hanging on a skinny runway model.

Let us take into regard any designer collection that we saw on the runway lately.

You will easily be able to see that most of these clothes cannot be worn by even half of the American female population, and the ones that can be bought are far too expensive.

It is no wonder that after seeing these collections, most women postpone their shopping spree and wear only what they have in their closet.

As time passes, more ridiculous designs are being brought to the market, and whenever some designer gets creative, these designs reach a new low being more ridiculous than the previous clothes.

Personally, I feel that many of the skirts and short dresses are way too short. Most women will not be comfortable at all wearing something like that.

Yes, these skirts and dresses are as high as 2 inches below the crotch, so how can an ordinary woman be comfortable with that?

The excuse that these designers put up when they are asked to change their designs is that the runway has to be hyped to add that theatrical touch to it but what possible difference could a couple of inches make?

Again the V necks are so plunging!

Most designer clothes are made in such a way that you cannot wear a bra with them, but most women like to wear a bra when they are going out in public and with the average bra size of American women being 36D, those V necks are suitable only to look at.

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Updated May 7, 2012

2010 Trends

According to the latest trends of spring 2010 fashions, many of the clothes displayed on the runways were transparent.

I mean c'mon! Why do we wear clothes? We wear them to cover our body, so why would anyone want to wear transparent clothes?

The whole point of clothes is to have something cover up your body. Nowadays, you barely find any designer clothes which have sleeves on them.

Why can't designer clothes have sleeves on them? Women above the age of 40 do not like to expose this much, so why can't clothes ensure more coverage?

Another thing that was seen in spring 2010 fashions was that barely anyone displayed work clothes.

We cannot just wear a gown or some party clothes to work now, can we?

We need proper work clothes that designers have just stopped making.

Then there are the shoes - there are only two types of shoes being made by designers. Either they are 7 inch high heels, or total pancake flats.

What about the people who like to wear shoes with heights in between these?

Although there were some designers like Tony Burch that came up with a reasonable collection, the overall spring 2010 fashions were just unacceptable for most women nowadays.