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Short Spiky Hair May Just Be The Ultimate Kids Hairstyle For Boys!
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spiky kids hairstyleIf you have a younger boy who seems to have hair all over the place, looks mangled and tangled by the time he hits school in the morning, and if you are constantly nagging him to get that hair out of his eyes, it may be time for a short spiky haircut.

If hair is cut short enough on top, you can eliminate styling gel and blow drying. You can train the hair to go back and up as the style is worn over a period of time.


style steps 10 Reasons Why Boys Spiked Hair Is The Ultimate Easy Boys Hairstyle

Spiked hair is fast and easy for younger boys to style themselves
A spiked style holds throughout the day
The style looks good for formal occasions
A style that stays out of eyes
Low maintenance, just regular trims for upkeep
As trendy as the older boys are wearing
A off the collar style to meet school or sports regulations
A style that needs very little in the way of styling products
A style that works for both thick and fine hair
A style that is flattering to almost all boys face shapes as you see in the pictures below, the boys all have different facial features and look good.


side view spiky hairstyle
back view spiky hairstyle
Side View Short Spiky Hair
Back View Short Spiky Hair


style steps What You will need for styling:

Blow Dryer - Optional
Light Styling Hair Gel Spray - Optional

About That Hair Gel
Boys, when you apply regular hair gel, you do not and a lump to your hair and mess it up a bit. You will end up with a few patches that will resemble a slug trail, not cool at any age! Add the amount you need to use, usually about the size of a dime to the palm of your hand. Rub your hands together and spread the gel evenly over your hair from the front hairlines to the bottom back. Then comb through and style.

style steps How To Style

1: Apply hair gel spray about 3 inches from hair, evenly mist the gel spray into your roots to create a strong long holding style. The new Gel sprays hold great in most hair types. They also do not look the outdated wet style or weigh the hair down.

2: Apply a little gel to your fingertips and then rub down into your roots while you lift strands for added body.

If you want to define hair texture or have a more messier or tousled look for longer spikes apply a little gel spray to fingertips and just pinch small clumps of your hair using a up and forward motion.


3: Pinch Your Hair For Texture Using Gel Apply gel to your fingertips and then pinch small clumps of hair in an up and forward motion. For a messier look, pinch the clumps in different directions.

TIP: Use your fingertips to add texture and lift into this hairstyle.


Boys Spiky Hairstyles Gallery

Get some style ideas from these younger and older boys hairstyle pictures. Styles range from short and spiky to medium or long messy semi - spiked looks. Click any thumbnail image below to open full gallery.


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