How you can reduce the obvious and not so obvious daily intake of fat, fat makes up a whopping 40% of the average American's daily diet!

Is there any wonder we are all struggling to lose some weight?

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Spicy Foods For Weight Loss

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If your current weight is a major source of frustration and disappointment, you're probably reluctant at the idea that some foods may actually help you lose weight. Yet research shows that spicy foods really do make a great weapon in your fight against extra pounds. Spices are thought to be quite a metabolic stimulant, so next time you go to a restaurant that serves spicy food, remember that spices can aid your body by eliminating some of the additional fat.

Can you lose the extra pounds by consuming spicy foods?

Research shows that eating spicy foods does not result in extreme weight loss, yet it does have a significant impact in your battle against excess fat.

The study that promotes the use of spices in weight loss was published in Physiology and Behavior. In order to start this research, several researchers from Quebec made a review on previous studies that focused on the effects of spices on a person's metabolism.

To determine the efficiency of spices against excess weight, these researchers reviewed the effects of spices such as ginger, black pepper, red chili and capsaicin. The results showed an elevated thermogenesis associated with the above-mentioned spices, as well as turmeric and cumin.

Another find referred to the fact that combinations of these spices promote an increased burn rate as far as body fat is concerned. The bottom line is that eating foods containing these spices can help people achieve positive results towards weight loss.

Returning to thermogenesis, it is believed that capsaicin, which is the compound that gives chili's their intense heat, can work in people's favor by boosting the metabolism by as much as 23%. The effect lasts for a short period of time after consumption, yet its role in weight loss is more than significant.

The British Journal of Nutrition published another study that showed how capsaicin can help people maintain their weight after a weight loss program. By adding capsaicin to their diets, numerous people succeeded in keeping excess pounds away after dieting.

Natural capsaicin consumption versus taking capsaicin supplements There is no need to purchase more expensive supplements when you can consume capsaicin naturally. Simply add hot pepper to your usual meals, or try enriching your dishes with a bit of cayenne pepper. You can also use Tabasco sauce as a way of giving your meals more flavor whilst also adding some fat-burning potency.

You can also add fat burning spices to your side dishes and salads. Just remember that eating spicy foods is not an excuse to bombard your organism with calories. Spices don't make the best solution against excess weight, but they can definitely help to reduce fat, increase metabolism and maintain a convenient body weight.


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