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Special Occasion Makeup

Special Ocassion Makeup For Older Women

Special occasion makeup needs research and adequate preparation compared to the regular makeup style you apply when you go to the office to work or when you drop by the supermarket for some grocery shopping. Aside from making sure that you have the right kind of outfit to wear to a special occasion, you also have to prepare yourself by determining what hair style and makeup will suit the occasion best.

To help you prepare for upcoming special occasions which you might attend, we have listed a few makeup looks that would work best for popular social events. If you want to make special occasion makeup a breeze, this guide is a must-read for you.

The Pearl Frost Look for the Wedding

A wedding should always have the atmosphere of gaiety and pureness for it to be memorable. Besides, you cannot wear shocking pink or any other outfit that would steal the show from the happy couple. A better makeup style that would suit the occasion is the pearl frost look complete with pink blush-ons. While wearing a classic soft-colored dress, use a creamy blush foundation and light pink blush-on to look youthful and glowing.

Add to the look by using soft-colored pearl-frost lipstick like soft rose or mauve that will match well with your outfit. To add accent to your eyes, use matte eyeshadows and limit the application to small strokes near the upper eyelid. Heavy makeup is a no-no in weddings, so remember to play it down with your makeup if you will attend such an occasion.

Wearing Waterproof Makeup in Pool Parties

If you are going to attend a pool party or any other party where you expect your makeup to be ruined, you have to use special occasion makeup. Try to stick with looking as natural as possible and use waterproof makeup tools to help preserve your look much longer. NEVER wear colored mascara, especially black, at a pool or beach party.

Keep the foundation to the minimum. In fact, if you can stay powder-free and just bring oil-control film with you to help keep your face looking matte and clean, that would be better. Try using lip gloss instead of lipstick so you can easily touchup even if you do not have a mirror with you. Use a facial cream with sunscreen to help make your face look glowing while protecting it from the sun's rays.

The Sleek Look in Gala Events

Gala events present the best opportunity to express yourself in any way you like, as long as you look elegant and posh. Since gala events take place in the evening, your special occasion makeup for the gala event can be heavy and mature as you please. You can use deep red matte lipstick, heavy violet eyeshadow, or any other striking makeup you can think of.

However, although special occasion makeup is let loose on gala events, always make it a point to wear a makeup style that suits your features and works well with your outfit. After all, wearing green eyeshadows with a violet dress will not make you look stunning. It would only make you look ridiculous. Curb the urge to go wild with makeup styles and reserve it for home makeover sessions.
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Published June 1, 2011

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