Sparse Eyebrows Can
Happen With Age

Young women are not often bothered by sparse eyebrows, but as you age, the hormones and stress of life can cause sparse eyebrows that look unattractive and are very bothersome.

Sparse Eyebrows

When you reach the point of realizing that this is an inevitable event because of your neglect, you better think of ways on how to combat or, at least, address the situation. 

Eyebrows always add to the hypnotic effect of sultry and seductive eyes and without them, a pair of eyes would look incomplete and unattractive. 

This article will discuss a few options on how you can address thinning eyebrows. Although this is a common sign of aging, it does not mean that you will no longer care about how you look and let nature run its course. There is nothing wrong with undergoing treatments, but they are usually expensive and can cause pain. 

Try Makeup First For Sparse Eyebrows

This article advocates the use of makeup tricks to help cover up your thinning eyebrows. It is up to you to decide which trick would work best, and whether or not you will opt for permanent eyebrow treatment solutions. Always remember that in the end, your only goal is to feel good about yourself regardless of whether you have full eyebrows or not.

Eyebrow Pencil Lining

The most common way of covering up thinning eyebrows is by using eyebrow pencil to line the eyebrows and make them look full. The idea is to draw the shape of a complete eyebrow over the existent eyebrow line and extend it to achieve a full and long eyebrow look.

To choose the right shade of eyebrow pencil for you, keep in mind this simple guide.

  • Brunettes and black-haired women can use eyebrow pencils with black, brown, or russet shades.
  • Those with lighter hair can use light brown shades.

You can always use a tester when shopping at a cosmetics store. To test, draw one small dot on your eyebrow and see if the color and texture blends nicely with your eyebrows.

Temporary Henna Tattoo

Another cosmetic option of addressing thinning eyebrows is to make an eyebrow-shaped henna tattoo over your eyebrow. Henna tattoos can last anywhere between 2 weeks to 2 months. However, the downside of  a henna tattoo for eyebrows is it may cause allergies, more hair loss, and henna tattoos look bad when they are fading away. 

Permanent Ink Tattoo 

Those who like the prospect of permanently drawing a well-shaped brow over your receding eyebrow can opt for the expensive but effective permanent ink tattoo. It is easy to see a tattooed eyebrow up close, so work with a tattoo artist that can work to the minutest detail to achieve a realistic eyebrow tattoo over your eyebrows. 

Hair Transplant Surgery 

Hair transplant surgery is the expensive cosmetic option for your brows. This is often permanent and helps restore your eyebrows to their former, full look. However, this kind of treatment for sparse eyebrows is expensive and is very painful. You have to think twice before opting to undergo hair transplant surgery to address your eyebrow hair loss. 

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Author: Tanna Mayer

Can You Shape Your Eyebrows?

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